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The Afghan Folklore

Afghanistan art and culture What is the image that comes to your mind when I talk about Afghanistan? I will tell you what I think of. My mind conjures images of the war, the burka-shrouded women, the Taliban and inhospitable environment among many things else. Afghanistan is a post-conflict and emerging country which was once… Read More

VLCC to the rescue!

Last month I had an opportunity to attend a blogger’s meet at the VLCC wellness centre here in Kasba, Kolkata. Blogger meets are always fun. You get to see many known faces and several unknown ones. Life of a blogger is interesting, I will drink to that. But more than that, it’s a lot of… Read More

Fashion Blogging myths – Are they true?

  There are numerous myths floating around when it comes to fashion blogging and fashion bloggers. Few love them, few judge them and the rest don’t know them. Constructive criticism is refreshing, hence valued; false judgement is not. I have addressed 5 of the most common myths about fashion blogging.   1.Fashion blogging. Hobby or… Read More

8 Upcoming trends for men’s fashion 2017

Men’s fashion has come a long way. From plain jeans, tee and sneakers to bow-ties, chinos and neckerchiefs. There is no harm in staying ahead of the pack by being aware of the latest fashion trends. A fellow blogger, Sean Frederick will guide you through a few upcoming men’s fashion trends for 2017.   About… Read More

Feminism is for everybody. Tits or no tits.

Its kind of a late post but this International Women’s Day, I wanted to touch a topic that I have always cautiously avoided : Feminism. Every year, on this very day, 8th of March, I ask myself a question I am still waiting to get an answer to, “Why is women’s day more hyped than… Read More

7 Weird tricks to look great in portrait shots

Blogging and the role it plays in my life. Our life is a never ending learning expedition. Everyday we learn something new. Blogging for me started as a way to pen down my thoughts, interests, what ticked for me, what turned me off and what makes me what I am, right now, as a person…. Read More

Eyewear to suit your face shape

Online shopping for lazy bums.   E-commerce shopping websites and apps have made it so hassle-free for us to get fashion at our doorstep without having to move our butts except to open the door when the delivery boy rings the bell. But one thing that is still a discomfort to order online is an… Read More

Winter Fashion for Men | Guest Blog

After visiting Italy last February, I grasped the definite and concrete meaning of ‘Winter fashion’. Roads in Italy look no less than a runway during winters. Fashion in India has a long way to go but slowly and surely it is creeping up and trying to come at par with the West. This post is… Read More

Pre-owned Fashion. Yay or nay? (Fashion Garage Sale )

  I recently was a part of a Fashion Garage Sale, which got me thinking about the concept of pre-owned fashion.     Is ‘pre-owned fashion’ a taboo? Pre-owned fashion is not a taboo anymore in India, though it has still not been accepted with open arms as in the western countries. With changing times… Read More

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