Women who found freedom in fashion.

December 4, 2017 at 9:26 pm |
She found ‘Freedom in Fashion’

Have you ever heard the story of an US swimwear designer Tala Raassi? Tala is originally from Iran. During her early years, being ‘less-covered’ in public was against the law. And so was fashion. One day, she went to her friend’s birthday party and sported a miniskirt underneath her traditional public outer wear. She danced to western music and consumed alcohol. But these actions had severe ramifications. She was sent to jail and sentenced to 40 lashes. And her age? She was just a 16 year old girl. This was because she dared to dress in what she chose.
She moved to US and started her own swimwear line and according to Tala, she found ‘Freedom in Fashion’.


How important is having Freedom in Fashion?

This topic has been the centre of debate since decades, be it politically, socially or economically. Freedom in fashion is not about wearing less or more clothes, its about having the choice of what you want to cover up (or not) your body with. And that, my friends, is what we are fighting for; what I am fighting for, with my brand Untouched.


I often read that ‘everyone should dress according to their body type’. I call bullshit. I say, dress in whatever makes you feel happy, confident, comfortable and sexy. The world doesn’t have to like it. You do. Freedom to choose what you wear will be void if you imprison yourself. You want to wear your panties over your stockings? Go ahead and do it. After all as Iris Apfel said, style is about maintaining a sense of humour and staying curious.


Women who have found freedom in fashion 

Malala Yousafzai, Marilyn Monroe, Saint Teresa and Frida Kahlo.We all know these women. We all talk about them. They cannot be more different from each other. But few things connect them together. Freedom. Fashion. Choice.
I am sure many of you reading this are raising eyebrows. Let me explain. Freedom in Fashion is a simple concept. It’s your unadulterated choice in what you want to wear.

  • Saint Teresa chose to wear a blue and white ribbed sari which has now been trademarked by the nuns. This was her fashion choice and she help on to it.
  • Frida Kahlo had an incredibly powerful personal style. She cultivated a style that set her apart. She mixed prints and worked with layers like a boss.
  • Marilyn Monroe transformed the American culture by proving her point that it is okay to be sexually attractive. She has been an image of sexuality and feminism since then.
  • Malala Yousafzai changed the world when she started fighting for women’s right to education. She was recently harassed for having worn a plain jeans, jacket and scarf in the streets of London. She shut the fashion critics off by being unapologetic and unfazed. She continued doing what she feels like doing. After all, if a bullet right through her head didn’t stop her, how can a few hate comments?

Untouched collaborated with Ritumainty who created these remarkable t-shirts. The one in the following images are Malala-Kahlo and Marilyn Teresa tees. She combined four inspiring and powerful women and made these two designs. This is an homage to feminism, to art, to fashion and to creativity. These tees will be available for sale on Untouched’s website very soon.


Even after writing all of this, I question myself everything I preach. Does freedom in fashion come with age? If right now I am preaching about freedom in fashion, would I allow the same to my teenage daughter? Would I allow her to pierce her lips at the age of 14 or let her show her cleavage as soon as she starts developing breasts? If not, aren’t I a hypocrite? If I do, will I be taking away her childhood?

I don’t know. What do you think?


Skirts: Untouched
Tees: Ritumainty Mondal


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