Why diet when you can dance?

March 9, 2018 at 6:55 pm |

First things first. Few questions to check whether you have landed at the right place.


Fitness over weight loss?
Do you search for excuses to not ‘hit’ the gym?
Do you cringe at the thought of weights?
Do treadmills bore you to death?
Do you love dancing?


If you are nodding your head to all the above questions, this article is for you.

Few days back, my paths crossed with a woman, and she had a story to tell. After giving birth to two beautiful kids, she was trying to loose the baby fat. But how could she? She hated going to the gym. And then she started zumba. She loved dancing, so zumba was fun and less work for her. She lost around 18 Kgs in just a few months. This resilient woman is Nidhi Karnani, the owner of Move With Groove fitness studio where the focus is on fitness, both mental and physical.


After one zumba class, i understood why zumba is called a ‘fitness party’. It’s not only a full body rigorous workout, its a hell lot of fun; especially for a dance lover like me. The video below speaks for itself.



They not only organize weekly zumba classes, they also have yoga classes for all the yoga enthusiasts, bachata, hip-hop and bollywood dance classes for the dance lovers and other fitness exercises as well.


I did some yoga classes with them, and let me tell you, my body has never felt better as it did while I stretched away like a moron.


All their instructors are certified and extremely professional. My favourite is Raul sir. He feeds off of his student’s energy.


I would highly recommend Move With Groove for all your fitness and health issues. After all, dancing is much better than dieting, isn’t it?


You can find all the information related to the classes here.


Flat No. 197, 5th floor,
Karnani Estate, A.J.C. Bose Road,


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