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Last month I had an opportunity to attend a blogger’s meet at the VLCC wellness centre here in Kasba, Kolkata. Blogger meets are always fun. You get to see many known faces and several unknown ones. Life of a blogger is interesting, I will drink to that. But more than that, it’s a lot of learning for us. This time it was about one such brand, VLCC.


We have always thought of VLCC as a slimming centre, have we not? Well, I have. And I couldn’t be more wrong.


Mr. Rohit – VLCC beauty expert, Miss Sushmita – Category Manager (Beauty), VLCC and Dr. Das – the VP (Operations) for the East region answered all our questions related to skin, hair and makeup care.


Let me take you through few of the most common questions that we got answered.


Question 1. Do we know our skin at all?

I know what you are thinking right now. “I know my skin type. Its oily/dry/mixture”. But do you really know your skin type? Do any of us? We usually see what is visible to the naked eye. But what is happening underneath that? Genes are responsible for our skin care. We have a genetic structure given to us the moment we are born. How do we get to know that? Visit a VLCC centre and get a video dermatoscope done to know details about your skin and get various queries like signs of aging, if your skin in acne prone, etc answered by the experts.


Question 2. How do our genes affect our skin care?

Each and every one of us have different skin types and hence a completely different set of skin care regime, which is personalised and tailor-made for every single individual. VLCC prides themselves in being an organisation that looks at skin types comprehensively.
They have a technique called a DNA skin testing where a DNA sample is taken from our cheek epithelium layer and sent to the lab.
This DNA sample determines:
– How our skin will age
– Will our skin age faster than others?
– Will our skin have more pigmentation than others?
– Is our skin predisposed to being dehydrated in spite of using moisturiser daily?
– What is our skin actually going through?
– What will happen to our skin later?


Question 3. What primarily defines the look of a person?

I think most of you know the answer to this question. It is the most trending face feature as of now. Yes, the eyebrows. Eyebrows can change the look of a person. Earlier it was the time of shapely arched brows. Right now, its thick and full eyebrows that is ruling the fashion community. Even unibrow is in these days, though not many are cool enough to sport it. Makeup definitely helps you get gorgeous thick and full brows, but what if I tell you, you don’t have to spend 30 minutes of everyday to make those brows look pretty? You can get it done once and wouldn’t have to touch it again for the next 15-18 months.
I was too once I heard the term Microblading and semi-permanent makeup.
VLCC has an elaborate procedure that helps you get the eyebrows of your dreams and helps it stay put for months.
This is an elaborate procedure and takes a lot of time and talent.

Procedure in a gist:

Pigments are inserted on the surface of your brow epidermis. It does not go deeper like a tattoo does and hence is not permanent. This is a very delicate procedure and once the job is done, you are stuck with those brows for months. Hence, VLCC makes their staff go through intense training before letting them attempt this procedure.


Question 4. How to get our body toxins out?

Everyone is talking of toxins these days, but what are they really? How do they affect our body?
Toxins make our body turn acidic. We need to balance this pH level by making our body more alkaline. These are all fancy terms, the question to be answered is, ‘How do we rid our body of toxins?’
There is a 30 min procedure called Ionic Detox in the form of a pedicure which sucks the toxins out of our body from the feet. All you need to do is repeat this procedure for a couple of sessions and then you can check your pH level by going to the lab and getting a urinary test done.


These are few of the many questions that we got a solution to at the meet. Not just that, the bloggers also got a free service (head/hand/foot massage) provided to them, courtesy of VLCC and lots of amazing hampers. It was definitely an event worth attending and now I know where to go for my skin and hair care.

Do you?


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