Venice, the romance capital.

August 11, 2016 at 4:10 pm |

Travelling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying “I would stay and love you but I have to go”. Different journeys give you different experiences. Some make you forget everything, your life back home, your worries, your troubles and renders you a high that you just can’t get over.  Some will let you know what it feels like to be alive and then, there are places which leaves you mesmerized and you just look around and sigh. Cause its oh so beautiful!

Venice was like a lucky Tinder match. An instant connection. Not love at first sight but you realize the existence of the probability of you falling head over heels if you stay in touch. When I got down from the train and took a look around, I realized what the hype was all about.






We had a two day itinerary at Venice. From the station we took a ferry(Venice’s public transport) till St. Mark’s Square where our hotel had been booked. We were met by this very cute man who to our utter horror told us our booking for one day had been cancelled. Reason being some transaction issue we were not aware of. Being the sweet man he was, he suggested we stay at a different hotel of his for a day and shift back the next. After dragging our over-loaded suitcases through nearly ten bridges while listening to the man’s nonstop chatter in slow broken English, we finally reached the hotel. Time for another sigh to escape. The hotel was small and pretty and dainty. So English!

After freshening up we went out to explore Venice. This island which further consists of 117 small islands connected by nearly 420 bridges is the perfect no-fuss escape. It is not your usual tourist place. There is not much to see but a lot to feel.





IMG_20160302_170337 IMG_20160302_172058

The next day we woke up to a very gloomy morning. It had been raining ceaselessly and the temperature had dropped down to zero degree with 59 miles/hour wind. We decided to make the best of the situation and put on five layers of warm clothing(no kidding). We already had our tickets booked to explore the three famous islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello.

Murano is famous for its glass making. We got to witness the glass making procedure in their very own factory. It was astounding the way they work with so much accuracy and swiftness. Talent of any kind is inspiring.




Next we went to Burano and Torcello. Burano is an island known for its lace work and brightly colored houses. And Torcello is a sparsely populated island with a population of just 11. During the start of this tour, we met an elderly woman named Brenda. This enthusiastic, chirpy and full of energy lady taught me that age was just a number, and for others, an excuse. She was a school teacher and travelling during the holidays. And she was alone. We spent the entire day together, talking and sharing stories. Isn’t that what travelling is all about?

While leaving she told us she now saw India in a different light after seeing three young women come to a foreign trip all alone. It felt good to be able to change the mindset of at least one person. It’s a start after all. After the end of the tour, we hugged each other and promised to stay in touch. Which we did.






Venice did not have cars. This made the city human. The streets were like veins with people circulating everywhere, like blood. It’s like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go. It is a place where you can put down the map and happily get lost.




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