The Man-bag.

July 3, 2015 at 5:58 am |

One of my friends got a job recently and I wanted to give something to him. So, I started searching and came across this classy messenger bag, also called the man-bag, from River Island.

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It was love at first sight.

There is a very wrong notion that messenger bags/sling bags are just for women. I feel it looks more sexy on men. They go with both formal and casual wears and serves their purpose for both. You can either use it as a travel bag or a laptop bag. I think it was Joey from FRIENDS who first brought this bag to everyone’s notice. He sure did carry it well.

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Here is a list of Top messenger bags for men.

1. Massimo Italiano Tan Leather Sling Bag

debasrideb (9)

I found this bag in the Women’s category but it can very well pass off as a unisex bag. The buckles and the leather finish makes it look very manly. Get the bag here.

2. Aditi Wasan Tan Leather Sling Bag

debasrideb (21)

debasrideb (24)

This gorgeous leather bag should have a special place in every man’s wardrobe. Though a bit heavy on the pocket, its quality and looks sure make it worth the big bucks.

3.Grey Leather Canvas Bag

debasrideb (16)

Blend of two highly sought out materials, leather and khaki, makes this unisex bag so drool worthy.

4. Bulgari Messenger Bag

debasrideb (5)

I would love to gift myself this gorgeous bag someday. And no, I don’t care that it is for men.

5. Kangaroo leather messenger bag

debasrideb (15)

Classy, formal and expensive. That should describe it well. Get the bag here.

6. Khaki Messenger Bag

debasrideb (12)

This khaki bag is perfect for a casual day out. I would prefer bags like this any day over backpacks. But, make sure you don’t end up taking this to work as well. Won’t look so chic then.

7. Army green coloured canvas messenger bag

debasrideb (7)

It’s very much similar to a duffel bag but it is not one. I liked the color combination of this bag. It is not exactly a khaki color nor is it brown. Very manly and super stylish. Get this bag here.

8. Clipper Duffle Bag

debasrideb (2)

This is Adam Gallagher and I was going through his blog IAMGALLA when I came across this sporty and masculine duffel bag. I love love love it. It goes perfectly well with the all-black gothic ensemble that he is sporting. Get the bag here.

9. Maxwell Satchel

debasrideb (17)

Same guy with a satchel. Safe to say it isn’t making him look less of a man in any way.

I hope after going through this post, the perception that satchels and slings are just for women will be gone with the wind.

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Hope you liked the post.
I would love to know how you would carry off these bags.

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