The Afghan Folklore

May 15, 2017 at 10:16 pm |

Afghanistan art and culture

What is the image that comes to your mind when I talk about Afghanistan? I will tell you what I think of. My mind conjures images of the war, the burka-shrouded women, the Taliban and inhospitable environment among many things else. Afghanistan is a post-conflict and emerging country which was once the centre of world civilisation. Continous conflict has almost destroyed the inimitable traditions of Islamic art and culture.



Afghan jewelry

Without any doubt, Afghan jewelry plays an important role in the way Afghani women accessorize themselves in their traditional attire. The traditional outfit of an Afghan woman is termed as Gandi Afghani. Afghan jewelry is creating waves in the fashion industry. Everyone these days is sporting one of those gorgeous Afghani earrings, full of beautiful colours, details, culture and gorgeous stones. The chunky silver jewelry renders an oomph to their traditional get-up.




Some fascinating facts about Afghan jewelry


  • Afghan jewelry and traditional clothes originated from Kuchis in Afghanistan.
  • These kind of jewelry these days are frequently referred to as nomadic jewelry.
  • Afghan jewelry is now sold worldwide for a much higher price than in Afghanistan.
  • Afghan fashion is a result of a long history of invasions from Turkey, Persia, Russia, Greece and other countries.
  • Afghan women adorn jewelry for their symbolism and what they represent.
  • The beautiful silver is preferred as metal of modesty
  • Agate, a mineral with which most afghan jewelry is made is believed to bring protection and good luck.
  • Lapis Lazuli, the deep blue metamorphic rock is said to bear healing powers.



One of my most favourite jewellery brand, Quills & Spills has a wide foray of collection when it comes to Afghan jewellery. I fell in love with this one and immediately wanted to give a modern take to the traditional Afghan attire but still provide to you the look and feel of the beauty of their age old folklore.





Patiala : Out of mom’s closet
Half sleeve emroidered shirt : Bought 10 years back
Kitten heels : Enroute
Afghani eaarings : Quills and Spills
Pin-up bow : Howrah Bridge
Scarf as headgear : Gifted
Nose ring : Thrifted


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