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July 27, 2017 at 8:14 pm |


Clothes are an integral part of our lives. Well, that goes without saying as it is one of our basic needs apart from food and shelter. Whether a person is into fashion or not, his/her clothes will always be dear to them, is it not?

Since childhood, buying new clothes have been an exhileration and being the clumsy person that I am, ruining clothes had become obligatory. And when that happens, I become a sloth mourning the loss of a favourite garment.


The concept of dry cleaning

Dry cleaning as a concept have never been foreign to me as my mum’s sarees made frequent trips to the nearby dry cleaner, and after that the complaints followed. “Torn saree”, “spoilt saree”, “colour washed away saree”….you name it, I have heard it. And so, you can imagine my hesitancy towards dry cleaning.

But my recent visit to the infamous The Swiss Laundry put my doubts to a halt. Their discipline, their care, their attention to each and every item of clothing and their empathy towards their customers won me over.

About The Swiss Laundry
The Swiss Laundry has one goal and that is to upgrade people’s lifestyle by reserving and taking care of their garments efficiently. They proudly boast of a ‘premium service within the textile care sector’.


The 8-step cleaning process

The Swiss Laundry follows a detailed and systematic 8-step process to get their customer’s clothes cleaned.



First stage : Attention
The various garments are properly checked and sorted before cleaning them. This is done to know the type of fabric used, the kind of stain and hence to figure out the perfect technique for the wash.


Second stage : Marking
All the garments are marked uniquely with a tag which includes all the necessary information regarding the garment to avoid any kind of confusion.

Third stage : Segregation
The clothes are then segregated on the basis of their colour, type and the kind of wash that they would require. It is very important to not mix up garments otherwise they might end up ruined.


Fourth stage : Spotting
This stage in my opinion is the most important and difficult one. After the clothes are segregated, the stain on them is spotted and after understanding the type of stain, the right kind of chemical is used to get rid of it.


Fifth stage : Cleaning

The above flow chart indicates the types of washing techniques followed by The Swiss Laundry. With the advent of various designers and designer wears, it has become indispensable to include the latest dry cleaning technique, hydrocarbon to do justice to the clothes.

Sixth stage : Finishing/Ironing
The Swiss Laundry makes sure their client’s garments reach them in the most crisp form and  hence this stage is carried out with immense care.

Seventh stage : Quality check
Before each garment is packed, it is checked for any remaining stains to ensure perfection.


Eight stage : Packaging
Once the garments are packed, they look as good as new and that is what their clients receive.

The Swiss Laundry is the right place for your garments to receive the love and care that they deserve.

Find out more about The Swiss Laundry here : Facebook | Instagram  

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