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  “Be yourself, everyone is already taken” – Oscar Wilde   Photographers who work with me say I have a cliche pose, where I smile and look away. Most of my pictures on my Instagram profile would be nodding in agreement. A very simple reason succeeds this generalization, I don’t want to look odd.   Do… Read More

Colour blocking Inspiration by Indian bloggers

What is colour blocking? Colour blocking is when an outfit or a garment has finite blocks of colour on them. The outfit revolves around a palette of two or more colours.   Colour blocking history   Did you know that this dress from Yves St. Laurent is actually the beginning of colour blocking? This smart… Read More

Fashion blogging bloopers : Perfect is boring

Perfect is boring. Haven’t we heard that enough? You want my opinion? I think perfect is exhausting. And that is what we fashion bloggers are expected to be. Perfect outfit, perfect hair, perfect shoes, perfect makeup and a perfect attitude to go with all of this. To be very honest, I get exhausted. There are… Read More

Orange is the new black!

One day, one of my friends just randomly asked me, “What is your favourite word?” And I very clearly remember replying ‘SALE’. Without hesitation. We all love having to pay less, don’t we? Be it for anything. And for a die-hard shopaholic like me, SALE is like a magical, jingling, makes-my-heart-race word. So, when I… Read More

Striped Illusion.

All of us have that one brand we are most loyal to. Whatever the situation is, we have to visit its store at least once while going shopping. In fact, that’s the first store we always visit so we can spend money there before going anywhere else.. That is like the benchmark for us. For… Read More

The Man-bag.

One of my friends got a job recently and I wanted to give something to him. So, I started searching and came across this classy messenger bag, also called the man-bag, from River Island. It was love at first sight. There is a very wrong notion that messenger bags/sling bags are just for women. I… Read More

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