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They say, we should follow our instincts in life. But not many people do that. I was one among the ‘not many’. The keyword here being, ‘was’. I quit my job a few days back. And no, the decision wasn’t easy. But it had to be done so I could do justice to one other… Read More

Same old love.

It has become so difficult to manage my expenses these days. I don’t understand where all my money goes. It’s like one second I have ample of money in my account and then one day I check, and they are gone. After months of facing the same problem, I finally made this very conscious habit… Read More

The winter is cold

When someone asks me my favourite weather, living in Calcutta, I have always been confused as to what it actually is. Winter? Nah. Monsoon? No way! (Am in sales dude). Spring? (It’s just a sophisticated term for summer in this city). Summer? Oh hell no! Then what? See. No idea. But this time, when I… Read More

Goa Diaries – Part 2

It has been quite some time that I did my first post on my first two days in Goa. You can check the post here. After having a fun and pretty adventures second day in the blissful Goa, we woke up fresh and headed off to South Goa to visit the Dudhsagar Falls. Had heard… Read More

Shimmer down.

Those who follow my blog regularly will know it very well that I hate following rules when it comes to fashion. Well, not like I follow rules otherwise too. I am a bit rebellious like that. I have never loved being ordinary or normal for that matter. Coming back to fashion, I have never understood… Read More

5 Must Have Men’s Shoes

I love fashion. Well, that goes without saying. I feel fashion is a good way to express your mood. And I am definitely a shoe lover. Marilyn Monroe very rightly said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. But right now I am not here to talk about us women…. Read More

Black and Leather!

Leather jackets are a fad these days. Infact, I guess it would be wrong to call it a fad. Leather jackets have been in fashion since quite a few years. It never goes out of style. I personally bought my first leather jacket last winter from ONLY. I bought a black one as I knew… Read More

Surprise Surprise!!

We should all enjoy the little things in life. For it is these little things that we look back to and realise that they were the ones that mattered. Nothing else will. Neither the job that takes up most of our time, nor the money in our savings account. What will matter at the end… Read More

Feeling Blue!

Goa was everything that people said it would be and much much more. They say Kashmir is India’s heaven. I would say, if you want a little piece of heaven, go to Goa. I am in love with that place. I have every mind to go there, marry a foreigner, run his shack with him,… Read More

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