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6 summer staples to up your style game this year

Sure we all love trends, but there are a few wardrobe essentials that we always turn to. From the simple boyfriend jeans to a fun maxi dress, these are the pieces that every summer closet requires.   I have listed down a few of my favourite summer essential pieces that I always turn to when… Read More

9 quirky ways to re-decorate your house

How do I differentiate my house and make it look edgy and interesting? A question every household owner is faced with, either while setting up their newly bought house or someone trying to bring about a change in their already existing residence.   Bloom Co is one such Kolkata-based brand which focuses on unique and… Read More

How to style a faux leather dress.

There has been a long ongoing debate between the use of faux leather and real leather. With the increase in demand for luxury goods and the attention paid to products with bold printed logos, leather goods had always been a huge rage. But, we have seen a new wave of faux leather clothing and accessories… Read More

Why should ‘slim thighs’ have all the fun?

Everyone has their own sets of insecurities. I was no different. I still am no different. My prime insecurity was my figure. Having been a subject of immense body shaming by friends, boyfriends and foes, I started trying to blend myself into the crowd, petrified to stand out and be noticed. There…that’s the problem. Fear… Read More

What to wear on a ‘First Date’?

Being single has its own perks. One major bonus of not being in a relationship is that you get to go on First Dates. With the advent of online dating sites like Tinder and Trulymadly, partner-less people like me are enjoying the best of both worlds.   What do I wear? Now however much exciting… Read More

“Ghosts that we knew”

We all have obsessions, likings, things we do everyday, consciously or subconsciously. For me it’s waking up to motivational quotes on Pinterest. Helps me jump out of bed rather than crawling out of it with eyes half closed. The secret by Rhonda Byrne is a book I swear by. Law of Attraction. Be grateful for… Read More

“What dreams are made of”

Dreams. A word encircling my mind since quite a few months, and haunting me since I can remember. Its strange yet fascinating how one word can affect our life in two entirely different ways. Since birth, well rather since I came to my senses, I have had dreams almost every other night. Sometimes, they would… Read More

One day in Florence.

While walking through the cobbled streets of Florence one day, I realised how lucky I was, to be visiting such beautiful places and seeing something new everyday. Staring at the striking and brightly lit carousel, my mind wandered back to my childhood. Being a single child had its own pros and cons. More pros than… Read More

Top 6 men’s looks that make us swoon!

Fashion is such an integral part of people’s lives these days. Nobody is exempted from it. Everybody makes an effort to look good. Some people do it for their own self and others, for others. Their are some who make certain sartorial choices for approval either from a prospective date or from peers. Times like… Read More

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