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In this lifetime, we are not just one person. We keep on evolving, we keep on changing, we keep on growing. We are so many people in this one life of ours. Change is painful, growth is painful, but staying stuck at the same place is far worse. We are like wine; we not only… Read More

New Year eve’s looks based on Zodiac signs

New Years is the time to look gorgeous in the best fitting dress that would enhance your personality. You can try out some of the best New Year Eve looks based on your zodiac sign. Yes, it is true. You can wear some of the classy dresses that would amplify your inner beauty. The colors… Read More

How to style your skirts this winter

Just because its that time of the year when jeans and socks become our best comrade it does not at all mean you have to let go off your favourite hemline. There are many ways to make your skirts winter-proof, you just have to know what to pair them with. Skirts are basically a season-less… Read More

VLCC Transformation Show

Being healthy and fit is a lot of concern these days owing to our lifestyle choices. But VLCC took it upon themselves to be of immense assistance when it came to matters of health and well-being.   VLCC Transformation Show   VLCC organised an interesting and equally inspiring event on 16th September. The event was… Read More

GLOBUS AW’17 Collection

Fashion Trends and its fickle mindedness  Fashion trends keep changing in a whim and with that, our shopping habits can’t help but adopt a whole new course. Keeping up with these fads while being wary of consumer demands is a task in itself and not every brand can manage to do that.   AW’17 Globus… Read More

Kolkata Fashion Walk – Edition 2

And I am back with Kolkata Fashion Walk Edition 2, bigger, better and brighter than the first one. ‘Bigger’ in the sense that this time, we were a group of 24 bloggers, more than thrice the previous time. ‘Better’ cause in the Kolkata Fashion Walk Edition 2 we walked across 26 spots in and around… Read More

Junior Fashion Week AW’17

Juniors Fashion Week  was a sight in itself. Little rockstars set the stage on fire. The amount of sheer confidence and excitements that these little kids came out with, rubbed on all the spectators sitting in the crowd, clapping and ‘awww’ing away to glory. The motive of Junior Fashion Week was not only to provide… Read More

Junior Fashion Week AW 17 participating brands

Would you agree when I say that Fashion is an instant language? If yes, then I bet you would also nod your head to the fact that Fashion is a beautiful form of politeness and good manners. Fashion is as important for kids as for grown-ups. Why should they be exempted from being well-dressed and… Read More

Kolkata’s first ever Fashion Walk

It is clear as day that the blogging industry in Kolkata is booming and though we might not be at par with other cities, I can say this with pleasure and confidence that we are pretty darn close. The attribute for this goes to bloggers like Pentwister and brands like Tribonista who are coming up… Read More

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