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July 10, 2018 at 5:15 pm |
What is New Kolkata?

New Kolkata is a property project that revolves around environment-friendly and sustainable house ideas and is right on the banks of the Ganga, at the famous and historical location called Serampore. Serampore is slowly booming to be the hub of economic residential places. New Kolkata by Alcove Realty is a proud addition to real estate Kolkata and is all set to break its ground in Serampore.


What is New Kolkata’s contribution towards sustainability?


New Kolkata celebrated World Earth Day on the 22nd of April with a lot of vigor and enthusiasm. We made pledges and promised ourselves a greener future. Read how these Ganga facing flats in Serampore celebrated the World Earth Day here.


On the 17th of June, New Kolkata celebrated #thewateraffair with equal zeal. They showed us how they are efficiently planning on conserving water in their property so as to incur minimum wastage.


These flats in Serampore are the perfect pick for anyone looking for a comfortable property away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I would love to consider this property as a retirement recluse. I know it’s way into the future for me, but if you are someone who is nearing their retirement age, this is one property you might want to look into. New Kolkata is also perfect for kids to grow up at, all thanks to their sustainable and environmentally friendly housing. This brilliant property project has also been certified by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).



New Kolkata is positioning itself as Green Building.


What is a Green Building?
A green building is one which

  • Uses less water
  • Generates less wastage
  • Provides a safe and healthy space for their inhabitants
  • Optimizes energy efficiency
  • Conserves natural resources.


#thewateraffair by New Kolkata


I was pretty excited when New Kolkata called me to experience their #thewateraffair event on the 17th of June. I had so much fun at their last World Earth Day event and learned so much, and was super excited to know more about their #thewateraffair project and how they plan to conserve water.


My sister has studied International Relations and she has embedded into me the importance of saving water and reducing wastage, and hence this topic is very close to my heart. And these flats in Serampore, being on the banks of Ganga has to pay additional attention to water conservation so as to not end up polluting the river body.


We reached New Kolkata and were immediately escorted to the demo projects that they had created to help people understand their water conservation project better.


But before we getting into that, here are some facts that you need to know about water conservation.


Rainwater harvesting and sewage water treatment by New Kolkata


Rainwater harvesting is a technique used to store, conserve and re-use rainwater on-site and for irrigational purposes, thereby avoiding water wastage.

Rain water is collected from the roof and is moved to a storage tank, from where it goes to a pump house and then pumped out for other on-site purposes like watering the lawn/garden and cleaning the premises.


Sewage water treatment


Sewage water treatment is the process of getting rid of the contaminants from wastewater so it can be re-used for other purposes. A lot of sewage water gets wasted every day from our homes. If we find a way to re-use them, think of how much water we will be saving! And that is exactly what New Kolkata is trying to do.

The sewage water is first collected and pumped and then screened to remove contaminants through sedimentation. It goes through different processes of sedimentation and then is disinfected so it is all ready to be re-used.


Apart from a green habitat and a sustainable environment, New Kolkata also provides a lot of amenities.


Additional eminities offered by New Kolkata?


  1. Great Connectivity
    New Kolkata provides four-way hassle-free connectivity to the heart of Kolkata-rail, road, metro and river.


  1. Private Ferry Service
    How many of you enjoy a private ferry ride to and from your house? At least I don’t. But, if you are a resident of New Kolkata, a ferry ride would be as easily available to you as Uber is to us right now.


  1. Affordable housing within 30 lakhs
    There are hardly any affordable flats in Kolkata. But you can get yourself a 1BHK, 2BHK, or 3BHK flats in Serampore, all within a very decent budget of 30 lakhs.



  1. Enjoy various amenities within the township
    New Kolkata offers to you various amenities like an infinity pool, a kiddie pool, a reading room for all the book lovers out there, a fully air-conditioned game room, a yoga hall, a high-tech gymnasium and a jogging track for the fitness enthusiasts, a children’s park, cycling track and a riverside promenade.



If you are looking to buy riverside flats in Kolkata, New Kolkata by Alcove Realty is your best bet. I would request you to visit their website for more information and registration ( More than 400 people have already chosen New Kolkata as their next residential place, would you?



Get in touch with New Kolkata here: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


For any enquiry, mail them at



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