Striped Illusion.

July 8, 2015 at 6:42 am |

All of us have that one brand we are most loyal to. Whatever the situation is, we have to visit its store at least once while going shopping. In fact, that’s the first store we always visit so we can spend money there before going anywhere else.. That is like the benchmark for us. For me, it has always been Forever New.

When I was in college, it was way beyond my budget. One of its dresses cost me my month’s pocket money. And I vowed to myself that my first investment from my first salary will be one of its dresses. And it was. But I didn’t stop there. Forever New has become my go-to for everything.

Recently me and my friend went shopping and I fell in love with a cute striped skirt. My friend tried to talk me out of buying it but she couldn’t. Yes, that’s how much stubborn I am.

This is a striped skater skirt. It is perfect for my body-type as it is cinched at the waist and flares down from the hips.

debasrideb (4)

debasrideb (5)

debasrideb (8)

I paired it up with red pumps as it gave a very required contrast.

debasrideb (10)

debasrideb (9)

debasrideb (3)

debasrideb (7)

The diagonal stripes end up giving a nice illusion effect and also makes you look slimmer. The thing that I most like about this skirt is its quality. The material is thick and it lets you know that you are wearing something expensive. That is the beauty of Forever New. It has value for money.

debasrideb (1)

I accessorized the whole look with a blue envelope clutch and a blue neck piece.

debasrideb (2)

debasrideb (6)


Striped Skirt : Forever New
White crop top : AND
Red pumps : From Gangtok
Neck piece : Accessorize
Envelope clutch : Accessorize
Rings : Claires
Watch : Giordano from Jabong
On my lips : Loreal collection star by Freida Pinto

Hope you liked the post.

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