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In this lifetime, we are not just one person. We keep on evolving, we keep on changing, we keep on growing. We are so many people in this one life of ours. Change is painful, growth is painful, but staying stuck at the same place is far worse. We are like wine; we not only evolve and get better with age, but like wine, we are bottled poetry. Everyone with their own stories, prose and poems.



Seeing yourself change and grow is fascinating. Looking back, you realise how long the journey has been and what they mean when they say, ‘Life is a lesson’.
And with change in personalities, comes change in likes and dislikes.
I had never been into make-up and accessories while growing up.

Even now, I am a person who likes making a statement without going overboard. And when my paths crossed with Tsara’s bold collection, my inner minimalist found her home and made herself comfortable.

The earrings that I am wearing are small studs but oh so captivating! The ring is from the same collection as well. Tsara mainly works towards making people realise that there ARE alternatives to precious jewelry, when it comes to looks and quality. Traveling with gold is extremely stressful and taxing, and god forbid, you loose one of them!

Its not about replacing one thing for a better alternative, its about making way for something similar to co-exist with you. And that is exactly what both me and this brand preaches.

Earrings from Tsara 
Photography by Kaustav Sarkar
Concept and styling by Debasri Deb


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