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Why diet when you can dance?

First things first. Few questions to check whether you have landed at the right place.   Fitness over weight loss? Do you search for excuses to not ‘hit’ the gym? Do you cringe at the thought of weights? Do treadmills bore you to death? Do you love dancing?   If you are nodding your head… Read More

The Other Side

Me and Holi have a confusing relationship. I would be tight-lipped if someone asked me whether i enjoy this festival or not. I am yet to make that decision. In the meantime, I do know what I enjoy a lot but seldom do; and that’s being on the other side of the lens. This holi… Read More

9 quirky ways to re-decorate your house

How do I differentiate my house and make it look edgy and interesting? A question every household owner is faced with, either while setting up their newly bought house or someone trying to bring about a change in their already existing residence.   Bloom Co is one such Kolkata-based brand which focuses on unique and… Read More

7 places to have remarkably appetising food in Goa

Close your eyes and think of Goa. What are the three things that comes to your mind? For me, its beach, beer and food. Food is an integral part of everyone’s life, and why should it not be, its a basic necessity, but for me, food is a major comfort. I tend to eat when… Read More


In this lifetime, we are not just one person. We keep on evolving, we keep on changing, we keep on growing. We are so many people in this one life of ours. Change is painful, growth is painful, but staying stuck at the same place is far worse. We are like wine; we not only… Read More

New Year eve’s looks based on Zodiac signs

New Years is the time to look gorgeous in the best fitting dress that would enhance your personality. You can try out some of the best New Year Eve looks based on your zodiac sign. Yes, it is true. You can wear some of the classy dresses that would amplify your inner beauty. The colors… Read More

How to style your skirts this winter

Just because its that time of the year when jeans and socks become our best comrade it does not at all mean you have to let go off your favourite hemline. There are many ways to make your skirts winter-proof, you just have to know what to pair them with. Skirts are basically a season-less… Read More


Feet on ground, eyes on stars We have reached a time where creativity, originality and imagination is undervalued. Blogging industry has the utmost power to bring upon so many changes. A blogger being opinionated and speaking her/his mind is appreciated. And when we are given such a privilege, it is our prerogative to use it… Read More

Women who found freedom in fashion.

She found ‘Freedom in Fashion’ Have you ever heard the story of an US swimwear designer Tala Raassi? Tala is originally from Iran. During her early years, being ‘less-covered’ in public was against the law. And so was fashion. One day, she went to her friend’s birthday party and sported a miniskirt underneath her traditional… Read More

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