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6 summer staples to up your style game this year

Sure we all love trends, but there are a few wardrobe essentials that we always turn to. From the simple boyfriend jeans to a fun maxi dress, these are the pieces that every summer closet requires.   I have listed down a few of my favourite summer essential pieces that I always turn to when… Read More

Colour blocking Inspiration by Indian bloggers

What is colour blocking? Colour blocking is when an outfit or a garment has finite blocks of colour on them. The outfit revolves around a palette of two or more colours.   Colour blocking history   Did you know that this dress from Yves St. Laurent is actually the beginning of colour blocking? This smart… Read More

We have fought battles

In this digital age, it is so easy to find yourself lost in other people’s lives. It is so easy to fall apart seeing someone else come together. It is so easy to look down on yourself through someone else’s eyes. It is so easy to find yourself all alone in this sea of pretentious… Read More

Five fun ways to wear Kaftans this summer

Summer is here! We are looking for different ways to beat the heat this season – be it a lightweight cotton attire, the habit of carrying your sunglasses and umbrella along or preferring to eat light and healthy. Here is one more way you can stay stylish and elegant this summer, and that is by… Read More

A Full Circle

I remember one night, when i was three or four, and I couldn’t sleep; Ma put me on her legs and kept rocking me, her back resting uncomfortably on the headboard of our queen sized wooden bed. I liked being rocked to sleep. But woke up when I realised she went still. I opened my… Read More

The future of real estate: New Kolkata

What is this blog post all about? Whether you are married or single, a student or working, in your mid 20s or late 60s; whoever you might be, if you are looking for a good property to invest in, this blog post is for you.   Where is this project? This property project revolves around… Read More

AS IF A(nyone cares)

Words fail her when she thinks of that night you would be horrified too if you had to witness that sight.   Mama taught her to always be careful Little did she know Standing in the corner she was making him drool.   Little girls are taught to stay away from strangers how was she… Read More

Event by Malaysian Palm Oil Council

Palm Oil; we have heard the name often, but never paid a rat’s notice to it, have we? At least I haven’t, not before I attended the MPOC seminar anyway. Few days back, I was present at a an educational module and practical workshop by Malaysian Palm Oil Council at Guru Nanak Institute of Technology…. Read More

5 gorgeous ways to use plants as house decor

I am absolutely obsessed with plants being used as house decors. They can make a space feel gorgeous, lively and bright with just their presence. Few days back I paid a visit to a new decor store called The Finishing Touch, and got to know of a few neat ways to decorate your home with… Read More

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