Kolkata’s first ever Fashion Walk

August 12, 2017 at 9:49 pm |

It is clear as day that the blogging industry in Kolkata is booming and though we might not be at par with other cities, I can say this with pleasure and confidence that we are pretty darn close. The attribute for this goes to bloggers like Pentwister and brands like Tribonista who are coming up with new and state-of-the-art concepts.


One such concept was a fashion walk, the first of its kind in Kolkata, organised by Tribonista of The Swiss Laundry in collaboration with Nikita from Pentwister and six fabulous Kolkata boutiques namely Ommbre, Urban Haat, Aashka, Poshaak, Ensoie and Aditi’s. Tresstalk was their spa partner.


Aashka’s brand new initiative.

With the advent of innumerous competition, each and every brand is trying to get an edge on others. Aashka came up with a fantastic approach to do that. What is an e-commerce platform doing? Bridging the gap between the buyer and the seller. But what gets lost in the process is the touch and feel aspect. Aashka came up with a door-to-door service for its consumers. Two extremely cordial Aashka employees arrived at my house; with a prior appointment of course. They introduced themselves and the concept. The whole idea is to bring their service to their consumers in the comfort of their house rather than them having to show up on their doorstep.


The process was easy. I provided them with a design of my own (they also brought with them some sample designs on their tab for reference if needed). They had a book full of fabric samples for me. After deciding on the design and fabric, my measurements were taken; and that was it. I ordered a customised design without having to step out!


The concept behind Kolkata Fashion Walk.

The famous textile care brand, The Swiss Laundry have come up with a new project called Tribonista where all the fashion enthusiasts, including bloggers and clothing boutiques can come together and engage to take the textile industry forward.


Kolkata Fashion walk- First stop: Aashka

The Kolkata Fashion Walk started off with all the bloggers meeting at Aashka and being pleasantly surprised by a huge hoarding of us at Elgin Road.

We met Asha, the lovely owner of Aashka and also got our hands on our customised dresses which were exactly what we wanted. And from there our journey started. The idea was to visit six different stores and get to know about them a wee bit more.

Second stop: Aditi’s

We were greeted by Aditi Tibrewala, the lovely owner of Aditi’s. Aditi’s houses their own in-house designers and also stocks designs from other well-known designers. A fun event was planned for us, after which Aditi displayed some of her favourite designs.

USP: Products with varied price range


After having a brief discussion about her and her brand, we headed off to our next destination.

Third stop: Ommbre

Neha, along with her sisters set up this brand two years back and its a one stop destination for us women. In her words, “Ommbre is the ultimate place to be”.

USP: Attention to cuts and details.

After a little chit-chat Neha put us to work. She had planned an extremely fun event for us. We got to be her stylist for the day. All the seven bloggers were given seven clients and seven occasions and we had to style them accordingly.

My client was the ever gorgeous Jharna di and I styled her for a candlelit dinner. She was initially a tad wary of wearing a fitting dress which showed her curves but after some persuasion from my end, she finally did and look how lovely she looks.

Fourth stop: Urban Haat

This was the most colourful store I had ever been to and I was immediately transported to the streets of Rajasthan.

USP: Traditional handicrafts sourced from all over India

Ritu Kejriwal, the owner of Urban Haat had planned a DIY art and crafts session for us which reminded me of SUPW classes in school.

Fifth stop: Poshaak

USP: Houses the best brands for cotton-wear from all over India

This four year old brand prides themselves in being the only brand in Kolkata to house exclusive cotton-wear designers.

Sixth stop: Ensoie

USP: A one stop destination for everything starting from apparels to home decor to accessories.

Ensoie also houses the brand Ornate by Radhika.


After such a remarkable day full of surprises, events and meeting new people, we headed off to our final destination, Tresstalk where a relaxing spa session was arranged for all of us.

In my opinion, the Kolkata Fashion Walk is a brilliant concept introduced by Tribonista to unite the different sectors of the textile industry.



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