Kolkata Fashion Walk – Edition 2

September 15, 2017 at 10:42 pm |

And I am back with Kolkata Fashion Walk Edition 2, bigger, better and brighter than the first one.

‘Bigger’ in the sense that this time, we were a group of 24 bloggers, more than thrice the previous time.

‘Better’ cause in the Kolkata Fashion Walk Edition 2 we walked across 26 spots in and around Elgin road and went back to school days while doing so. Getting clues, desperately trying to rack our brains to come up with the answer and then frantically running to mark our spot.

And ‘Brighter’ because this time, the dress theme for us bloggers was ‘Streetstyle with a tinge of Kolkata’ and safe to say everyone dressed up in their most fabulous and bright self.


About #kolkatafashionwalk edition 2

After the first edition, Team Tribonista, Team The Swiss Laundry and Pentwister brainstormed on how to make this walk more engaging, informative and most importantly fun. The event started off with a discussion with 4 key-note speakers where we chatted about blogging, importance of SEO, significance of individuality and originality, and the likes.

Once we crammed as much information and knowledge as possible, we went on to a fun activity session where we were needed to use a given set of props in the most creative and imaginative way.

And then we set off with our clues for the first location. After cracking the clues intelligently (with a wee bit of help from the inside 😉 ), we reached Bandhani, (Zo-wed:, a store with a handsome collection of wedding gowns and lehengas.

Our next stop was Pranay Baidya’s Atelier. Pranay Baidya is famously known for his fusion work with a nuance of Kolkata’s traditional style.We got to see a varied range of blouses, sarees, men’s wear, pret wear and footwear.

And finally, our treasure hunt cum fashion walk ended at Aashka, the exact place where we started our Kolkata Fashion Walk Edition 1 from. Me and my team (Team Kalamkari)  were the proud (and extremely tired) winners. So yayyy!! 😀

All in all, the second edition of Kolkata Fashion Walk was a fun event. Tribonista is a platform which is trying to gather all fashion enthusiasts of the city under a single community. Follow Tribonista for more.


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