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Feet on ground, eyes on stars

We have reached a time where creativity, originality and imagination is undervalued. Blogging industry has the utmost power to bring upon so many changes. A blogger being opinionated and speaking her/his mind is appreciated. And when we are given such a privilege, it is our prerogative to use it for the greater good, is it not?

This blog was neglected for quite a few months since all my energy, attention and imagination went on my brand Untouched. But now I intend to do justice to this creative space of mine and go forward with the same purpose as what I started it with, to write and to influence people. In the midst of a chaos where everyone is running towards money and numbers like a headless chicken, I aim to keep my feet firm on the ground, work on working with brands who value content over numbers and looks, and always create substance that I am proud of.


Content, yet dreaming.

In an era of blogging, when the number game has taken precedence over art and vision, there exists brands like TSARA who intend to work with artists they find compelling and unique. After I got a mail from Tsara’s owner Tarun, I immediately knew this wasn’t some another run of the mill brand. The first thing I did was check his website out and then gave him a call to understand his brand and his requirements better. As a blogger, you can never do justice to a brand or to your readers, till you know what you are selling or trying to sell. We bonded from the very first conversation and exchanged our views on how to go forward with this. The first thing I asked him was, ‘What kind of woman do you see wearing your pieces? What is that girl doing? Where is she going?’
And among everything that he said, one thing stuck. He said ‘this is a girl who is creative and loves to experiment’. And I knew how I wanted to portray this gorgeous collection of his.

The earring that I am wearing is made of an unusual combination of brass and artificial leather. The girl here, wearing this earring from Tsara’s bohemian collection is easy-going and at peace. At peace because she feels content and gratified with herself for doing everything she set out for. It has been a long but fulfilling journey for her. And now she heaves a sigh of relief. For having come this far and for having achieving this much.

This girl likes getting lost in a charming world of coffee and love and beautiful rainy day mornings.
She has a stubborn spirit and a kind soul.
She is a storm; yet she is strangely calm.
She strives to be more than she has ever been.
She is beautifully out of place.
She has her eyes on the stars and her feet firmly on the ground.


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Cowl neck sweater dress: Globus
Earring: Tsara 

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