Junior Fashion Week Winter’17

August 24, 2017 at 3:11 pm |

There are people interested in fashion and there are others who would not mind looking like a sloth, but none of us are exempted from the fashion industry. This is a truth that many in our society still refuse to understand, believe and agree. Fashion is an integral part of everyone’s life and I realised that when I was a toddler. My brother’s closet used to be my go-to while getting dressed. I remember envying him being a boy and getting to wear jeans with innumerous pockets. Yes, pockets were my fancy back then.


Junior Fashion Week doing their bit in today’s fashion industry

I have always been extremely fashion conscious but unfortunately, unlike the present time, during the 90’s, we had limited option for children-wear. These days innumerous brands have come up with beautiful variations and selections of kid’s dresses. Junior Fashion Week gives a platform to these brands to reach their potential customers and bring forth a brand awareness which is so necessary in today’s competitive fashion industry.



Vision behind Junior Fashion Week

JFW is a platform which brings together different brands and the young talents and gives everyone an opportunity to flaunt and showcase their talent. It is an effort to get the current trending fashion brands, their potential customers and the young junior models under one roof and be known as an edutainment platform while doing so.



Junior Fashion Week Winter’17 comes with a brand new approach

Unlike the previous editions of Junior Fashion Week, this time the event will be hosted in four major cities in the East, West, North and South region. JFW starts with Kolkata, goes to Mumbai, then to Gurugram and closes off with a fabulous event in Bengaluru.



What to expect from JFW Winter’17?

JFW Winter’17 is going to be as fabulous as ever, if not more. In Kolkata, the event is scheduled to happen on 2nd and 3rd September at JW Mariott. There will be pre-event workshops hosted for the junior models. These workshops will act like a preamble to the main event. The junior models will be groomed to the best of their abilities and help them be runway ready. Jessica Gomes Surana, the talented stylist, model, choreographer and educationalist will be looking after this session.



JFW started with an ideology to become a platform where a fashion brand’s value is highlighted, young talents of our country is celebrated and our fashion heritage is nurtured and developed.


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