How to include scarves in your outfit – Part I

April 4, 2020 at 7:21 pm |

Hey you beautiful strong people, let me start off by saying how proud I am of you all. Life has been hard, hasn’t it? And you all are doing such a great job of being positive, being encouraging, being helpful…


I get so many messages every day from you all and I know how much the world is suffering and how much it has had an impact on our mental health. I have suffered from a mild anxiety attack today. I cried and couldn’t stop heaving. And it’s okay. Cry. Let it all out. It’s okay to get affected but try hard every day to shift your perception.


Enough about that. No more Corona talks here; not today.
Today we will talk about scarves.

Yes, scarves; the most understated item from our closet, except for perhaps scrunchies.

Here are a few ways you can include scarves in your outfit:


  1. Wear a scarf as a one-shoulder top

It’s pretty easy actually. Just a nip here and a tuck there. Scarves are great as tops, they feel like a feather brush on the skin, and if you are too wary of skin-show, just throw a blazer on your shoulders. For this, I went for a square silk scarf.


2. Tie it up around your top bun

A small rectangular silk scarf is perfect for this style. Do a top bun first and then just cover the bun with the scarf and secure the ends with bobby pins. It’s easy and perfect for our hot and humid Summer.


3. Tie it around you kimono style

I came across this style out of necessity. While visiting the Temple of the sacred tooth relic in Kandy, Sri Lanka (Read all about Sri Lanka here), I had to cover myself since they have very strict dress codes and I was in a sleeveless top. I just had my scarf and I tied it around me just so my hands would remain unexposed but I ended up loving this look a lot.
Let me know what you guys think.


4. Wear a scarf as a front-bow tube top

This is again a super simple way of including scarves in your outfit. Opt for only rectangular scarves for this. Make sure the scarf isn’t too short. This is a fantastic beach look when paired with shorts, or you can switch to heels and get ready for a dance night out with girlfriends.


This is just the first part guys. I will come up with more ideas soon.
Till then, let me know in the comments below which style are you most likely to give an honest try. 🙂



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