How To Style Statement Neckpieces

May 2, 2020 at 10:27 pm |

These days, everyone strives to stand out, strives to be different, to do something unusual, to look unique. How do you separate yourself from everybody else?


One way is to speak through clothes and accessories. They say “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. And I am of the same opinion.
The way you dress says a lot about how you feel and what kind of person you are.


A sure shot way to get yourself noticed is to make a statement. It doesn’t have to be bold, as long as it’s unique and articulates your personality.
What better way to do that than through statement accessories!


Today we will talk about statement neckpieces. I love statement anything. Why? Cause:

  • It helps me stand out
  • It helps me elevate my look
  • I can restyle my old clothes with just a simple statement accessory
  • It is affordable
  • They draw eyes up to my face
  • They express my personality
  • They can make a simple outfit more interesting


Statement neckpieces can be styled in various ways. I have styled three gorgeous pieces from The Harper’s Lane here:


  1. Let your neckpiece take away all the attention

Sometimes it is good to let your accessories do all the talking. It becomes a fantastic conversation starter and you turn heads around wherever you go.

This magnificent yarn neckpiece called the Umbra Neckpiece from The Harper’s Lane is the epitome of a statement. This piece is a reflection of how balanced and symmetric this universe is. For every shadow, there is light, for black there is white, and for yin there is yang. The neckpiece is handcrafted with yarn and embellished with leather strings and antique coins.




2. Go Monochrome

I am an insanely colour-loving person. I love pops of colour and seldom do I go for neutrals. But sometimes I do like to keep my outfit monochrome i.e wear colours from the same family. A monochrome outfit gives the impression of tallness and is pleasing to the eye.

Here, I styled the bold Dainty Neckpiece from The Harper’s Lane collection. I love how I used bold and dainty in the same sentence to describe this neckpiece. And here’s why; the dainty part of the piece comes from the intricate Katha work done on the red fabric, and the tough black leather is from where the boldness oozes out.

I styled this neckpiece with an Embroidered shirt from Untouched layered over a beautifully embroidered saree.



Get this neckpiece here.


3. Let your outfit depict the essence of the neckpiece

Confused? Let me explain. Every neckpiece from The Harper’s Lane paints a story. The Lazhward Neckpiece, ‘Lazhward’ meaning ‘Blue’ got its name from the exquisite Lapis Lazuli beads used to make it. The blue colour of Lapis Lazuli is considered calming and elegant, and hence I styled this neckpiece with a stunning blue saree with a Brocade Top from Untouched worn on top.

This neckpiece consists of a wooden pendant starring stunning handpainted flowers on top. This piece is one of my absolute favourites from the lot.


Get this neckpiece here.


The owner of The Harper’s Lane, Tanushree, is a dear friend and a talented woman. Every piece that you see here is handmade by her and her alone.
Her brand consists of not just neckpieces, but charming earrings and some incredibly mindblowing home decor products as well.


Find her brand here:

Instagram: @the.harpers.lane


These beautiful pictures have been taken by Oindrila Bhol.



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