Home Alone: The Quarantined Edition

April 9, 2020 at 6:39 pm |

Quarantine. Self-isolation. Lockdown.


Few words that we knew the meaning of but never gave much consideration…until now.


My lockdown life has been good. I haven’t been depressed or anxious (barring a day or two), and a major section of the credit goes to my best friend/anime character husband.


I have been waking up at my own sweet time, working out if my body and mind are up for it, helping Harsh cook food, watching endless series/movies, taking a nap again, eating something again, watching series/movies again, playing board games, chatting, laughing, just enjoying this time by slowing down as much as possible.


I thought of doing a fun photo series of my life in self-isolation….but in style. It’s all about perception, isn’t it?


When you stay with your parents/friends/roommates, we always prioritize our alone time. We never hesitate to demand this time for ourselves. It is no different in married life. I am a person who loves her personal space. Being a single child, I have gotten fond of my cocoon; it’s my safe space, and even with Harsh there are times I want to just be! Like right now, I told him I don’t feel like talking even though we are sitting in the same room; and you know you married the right person when the said person respects your personal space and doesn’t overcrowd you.



I have had a lot of self-care time during this self-isolation phase. How blessed am I! Sometimes it feels unfair to take care of myself while there are people suffering out there. But that’s how strange life is. We are all connected to each other, and that is more evident now than ever.


I take care of myself so my family stays sane, so they know I am happy and doing well. I stay inside the house so I can keep others safe. I am connected to you all and vice-versa. Think about it.



And no, amidst all this, I am not overlooking my responsibilities. Staying home means more house chores and though Harsh has taken the responsibility to feed me, I help him as much as I can by keeping the house clean. Dividing house chores with your partner is the best thing you can possibly do for your relationship. You get more time with your partner and both of you get to respect each other without taking one another for granted.



‘Productivity’. A word that has been thrown around a lot in the past few weeks, even by me. Earlier, every day that I spent not working filled me with immense guilt for not utilising this time properly. But then I realised, nature has allowed us this time to slow back and reflect on us, our actions, and this world that’s suffering. Nature is teaching us kindness and that is the biggest learning of all. With the guilt gone, I am enjoying my time more than ever. I am learning French, I play dress up, I am putting up blogs regularly, and all of this from a place of peace, not of guilt. It makes a difference, trust me.



Did I ever tell you what a great sous chef I am? Well, I am fantastic!
I listen, I do as told, I clean after me (thanks to my OCD), and I am the opposite of messy. I also make sure Harsh and I enjoy doing house chores together; especially now when boredom can knock on your door at any odd time. Sometimes we open a bottle of wine or beer, ask Alexa to play our favourite music, and get to cooking. A kiss here, a peck there, cooking sure becomes fun.



This is my visual quarantined life, with a whole lot of love and a pinch of fashion sprinkled over it.
I always make the effort to find something positive in a situation. I am not always successful; more often than not I fall into the pit of negativity, striving to breathe, striving to come up for air.


But then, there are times like this, when I am grateful for everything that I have been given. I am successful in noticing the rays of positivity shining through this gloomy cloud. I am healthy, I am focusing better on myself, I am writing more, I am reflecting more, I feel more, I think better, I appreciate greatly, and I feel blessed for this life, now more than ever.

That’s all for now.


Stay safe, stay happy, take care of yourself and your loved ones, and lastly, be in peace.






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