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September 20, 2017 at 8:31 pm |
Fashion Trends and its fickle mindedness 

Fashion trends keep changing in a whim and with that, our shopping habits can’t help but adopt a whole new course. Keeping up with these fads while being wary of consumer demands is a task in itself and not every brand can manage to do that.


AW’17 Globus Collection

Gobus, one of the leading retail chains in India have recently launched their AW’17 collection at both their outlets in Axis Mall and Lake Mall, keeping in mind the Durga Puja season.
They have come up with a lot of contemporary cuts and prints, keeping the ‘youthfulness’ aspect of the brand in mind.

As Mr. Priyalal, the Sales and Operations Head and MR. Manit, the Brand Marketing Consultant said, they are targeting the young peeps which is very evident in their collection.


GLO Accessories

From quirky badges and earrings to eccentric and unusual bags and caps, Globus has also come up with their own collection of fashion accessories called ‘Glo Accessories’.

In the above images, I wore a skirt as a dress and paired it with this quirky printed shirt. I accessorized the look with a choker from GLO Accessories and an embroidered cap.


“I can vouch for the comfort aspect”

And its true. I tried a kurti from their AW’17 collection and wore it as a dress cinched at the waist with a belt. Their kurtis make you feel like you are wearing nothing. Durga Pujo in Kolkata is a massive affair and the heat doesn’t make it any easier to wade your way through the crowd. These kurtis are a life saviour, trust me on that.


Price Point

Globus is one of those retail chains which comes up with the best quality products in exceptionally affordable prices.

Below are a few accessories I bought from Globus and their prices are mentioned on the side. They are quirky, they are trendy and they are super affordable.


Globus will also be coming up with their footwear collection soon.
They are also opening one more store in Kolkata at City Centre 2.

For now, visit Globus store at Axis Mall and Lake Mall for all your last minute shopping.

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