The future of real estate: New Kolkata

May 8, 2018 at 3:08 pm |
What is this blog post all about?

Whether you are married or single, a student or working, in your mid 20s or late 60s; whoever you might be, if you are looking for a good property to invest in, this blog post is for you.


Where is this project?

This property project revolves around environment friendly house ideas and is right on the banks of the Ganga, at the famous and historical location called Serampore. Serampore is slowly booming to be the hub of economic residential places. New Kolkata by Alcove Realty is a proud real estate project all set to break its ground in Serampore.



How did New Kolkata celebrate Earth Day?

When you move to New Kolkata, you become one of the #GreenHabitants, since the apartments are built keeping in mind the emvironmentally sustainable factor.

On the 22nd of April, New Kolkata celebrated Earth Day with whole lot of vigour. We made pledges, painted plastic and glass bottles for recycling and promised ourselves of a more green future.


Why should you be interested in buying New Kolkata’s property?

Allow me to paint a picture to you.
You come home, tired and spent out from the day’s work, and are just in need of some tranquillity and peace. You drop your bags in your room, head over to the fridge, grab a bottle of beer, go to your verandah and just stare out at the vast expanse of Ganges in front of you, with wind in your hair. The swish of the trees, and the sound of ripples from the river being the only noise.
Close your eyes right now and feel the wind. Peaceful right?
This is what you get in New Kolkata.


Apart from peace and tranquillity, what are some additional features offered by New Kolkata?


  1. Great Connectivity
    New Kolkata provides four-way hassle free connectivity to the heart of Kolkata-rail, road, metro and river.


  1. Private Ferry Service
    How many of you enjoy a private ferry ride to and from your house? At least I don’t. But, if you are a resident of New Kolkata, a ferry ride would be as easily available to you as Uber is to us right now.


3. Affordable housing within 30 lakhs
There are hardly any affordable flats in Kolkata. But you can get yourself a 1BHK, 2BHK, or 3BHK flats in Serampore, all within a very decent budget of 30 lakhs.


4. Enjoy various amenities within the township
New Kolkata offers to you various amenities like an infinity pool, a kiddie pool, a reading room for all the booklovers out there, a fully air conditioned game room, a yoga hall, a high-tech gymnasium and a jogging track for the fitness enthusiasts, a children’s park, cycling track and a riverside promenade.


5. Biggest and tallest township project on the banks of river Ganga, focusing on green home design and environmentally sustainable home plans.


Size and Price
No. of bedrooms Super built-up area
(in sq. feet)
Carpet Area
(in sq. feet)
Booking base price
1bhk 540/549 318+26.3 14,30,000
2bhk 884 533 23,20,000
3bhk 1040 645 27,30,000


If you are looking to buy flats in New Kolkata. I would request you to visit their website for more information and registration ( More than 400 people have already chosen New Kolkata as their next residential place, would you?



Get in touch with New Kolkata here: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


For any enquiry, mail them at


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