Feminism is for everybody. Tits or no tits.

March 10, 2017 at 5:02 pm |

Its kind of a late post but this International Women’s Day, I wanted to touch a topic that I have always cautiously avoided : Feminism. Every year, on this very day, 8th of March, I ask myself a question I am still waiting to get an answer to, “Why is women’s day more hyped than international men’s day?” I am sure most of you don’t know when men’s day is celebrated, let alone make a big deal about it. This brings me to the topic of gender equality, cause that’s what feminism is all about.


Feminism is not synonymous with man-hating. Stop thinking it is!

People have a very wrong understanding of what feminism means. Feminism is not a ‘man-hating’ concept. It’s about equality, it’s about having a choice, a freedom, liberation and a voice. It’s about having an option to express ourselves, getting equally paid as men, and not being criticized for the way we adorn our body. As Emma Watson once said ‘We all have feminine and masculine energy, be honest. And both forces need to be lifted up, respected. We need to work together in order to make the world go round’.



Emma Watson is a hypocrite? Why? How?

Hypocrite because she chose the way she wants to dress up for a shoot? Hypocrite cause her under-boobs are visible? Or a hypocrite cause she calls herself a feminist and is semi naked in a magazine cover? How is any of these accusations fair? As she very rightly questioned, what has her tits got to do with femininity? Emma Watson has emerged as a strong, confident actress who is just comfortable posing semi-topless for a magazine cover. As are so many male models. I am not here to debate or put forth my thoughts on feminism. I just preach equality.



Celebrate women, not women’s day.

Women in Saudi can’t drive.
In the Bahamas, a man can rape his wife if she is above 14.
Prostitution is a crime only women can commit in the Philippines.
In Tunisia, sons inherit twice as much as daughters.
Husbands can control where their wives work in Guinea.
A woman’s sartorial choice is blamed for getting raped in India.


It is time to see gender as a broad spectrum and not as two sets of people having opposing ideas. Its time to stop expecting women to be home before men. Its time to stop having vile ideas when seeing them out late at night. Its time to stop hating the word ‘feminism’. Its time to start giving women equal rights. Its time to set them free.



A quote by Dalai Lama : ‘I am a feminist. Isn’t that what you call someone who fights for women’s rights?’


Emma Watson’s speech about the #heforshe campaign.



I am a feminist and I love and respect men.




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