Fashion Blogging myths – Are they true?

April 12, 2017 at 10:57 pm |


There are numerous myths floating around when it comes to fashion blogging and fashion bloggers. Few love them, few judge them and the rest don’t know them. Constructive criticism is refreshing, hence valued; false judgement is not. I have addressed 5 of the most common myths about fashion blogging.


1.Fashion blogging. Hobby or a job?

What is fashion blogging? Several people have a clouded judgement regarding this. I have taken notice of a lot of varied answers ranging from “modeling for brands” to “a hobby where you get free products”. Fashion blogging is as much of a job as is sales and marketing or software development. I won’t deny the fact that most fashion bloggers start out by fanning their love for writing and their passion for fashion, but in due course many of them end up in making this their full time job.



2.Is fashion blogging all play and no work?

There are many who are under this false understanding that fashion blogging is all about merriment and there is no ‘real’ work going on. Every thing has its own pros and cons. So does a 9 to 5 job. Hard to believe I know. But the pro is that after 5-ish, you get to trod back home and deliver time to yourself. Fashion bloggers always have to be ‘on’, and believe it or not, its exhausting. Attending events (sometimes back to back), responding to truck load of emails, photo shoots, racking your brains to come up with ‘something different’, hours thrown away in the name of research, being a writer, a model, every so often a photographer, a content creator, a digital marketer, a techie…you name it we do it. So NO, fashion blogging is not ‘no work’.



3.Fashion bloggers are NOT models.

Yes blokes, this is true. I wish I could say that there is a fine line between bloggers and models, but actuality is far from that. Not all bloggers are tall and skinny. A blogger can be your next door neighbor with a cosmic love for writing. And bloggers with a love for fashion are called fashion bloggers. As simple as that. Fashion bloggers are opinionated and brands resorting to them these days are for the fact that they are their own user persona and they bring the brand’s narrative in front of their readers and followers.



4.Fashion bloggers are freebie hoarders.

I wish I could deny this with uber confidence but sadly I can’t. There are people calling themselves bloggers just to lure some free gifts. But their blog and their blog posts give them away. Fashion brands need to look beyond a blogger’s social media handles. A blogger is much more than his/her news feed. Which brings me to my subsequent topic.



5.It’s all about the numbers!

I would direct my next statement to all the brands and designers reading this. There is lot more to a fashion blogger than her social media followers. I agree it’s easier to assess an Instagram feed than go check each and every blog post. After all, its an era of ‘doing more in less time”. But what about quality? What about creativity? What about content? Aren’t they relevant anymore? Followers can be paid for (most of the times, they are), but art, creativity and ingenuity cannot be.


These are just 5 among many. So here is a question for all other bloggers, before you started blogging, was there anything you heard that was absolutely untrue? Comment below and let me know! 🙂



Also, this is what I do on days I abhor my closet. I tiptoe into my mother’s closet, grab her kurtis and wear them as dresses. Here I styled this minimal and modest beige kurti with shorts and a denim sleeveless jacket, beautified with a scarf and tan waist belt and completed the look with brogues.




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