Fashion blogging bloopers : Perfect is boring

June 2, 2017 at 10:48 pm |
Perfect is boring.

Haven’t we heard that enough? You want my opinion? I think perfect is exhausting. And that is what we fashion bloggers are expected to be. Perfect outfit, perfect hair, perfect shoes, perfect makeup and a perfect attitude to go with all of this. To be very honest, I get exhausted. There are some events I would rather enter wearing my PJs not caring for #OOTDs (Outfit OF The Day) or #WIWTs (What I Wore Today).


Perfect Instagram feed

Those who say ‘nothing is ever perfect’ have never stumbled upon a fashion blogger’s Instagram feed. It is perfect to the T. And let me tell you guys, a lot of hard work goes in maintaining that. Tons of hours spent in photoshoots for those 6-7 perfect shots. And tons of hours spent in the name of research for the perfect content.



Fashion blogging bloopers

What you don’t get to see is the many ways that we mess up during those shoots. Those photos never make to the social media. Heck, they never even make it to Photoshop. No, they are dumped into folders and forgotten. Why? Cause they are not perfect? I will tell you what, those pictures are a reminder of how hard the bloggers and the photographers work to give you good content. Fashion blogging is not considered as a ‘real career’ by many. I don’t even know what ‘real career’ means. But the fact is it is as good as anything else.


This post is a behind-the-scenes on a blogger and their photographer’s work life.


1.Test shots are the most bizarre ones. You are always confused whether to pose or not, and that results in this.


2. There are times in your work life when you have to go down and get your hands dirty. In our profession, we take it a bit too literally. Sitting in between overgrown shrubs and warding off flies and mosquitoes come natural to us.


3. A big shoutout to my classmate turned friend turned photographer, Rajdip Mullick. He irritates me, annoys me to no end but half of my blog’s success credit goes to this person.  This man knows his lights better than anyone I have met.


4. Not every time are  new experiments a hit. Sometimes they make you look like a blowfish.


5. And then there are times when you are caught in action. And not in a good way.


6. When I thought throwing pebbles in the air would look cool.


7. …and then I tried to catch them.


8. Pebbles did not look that cool. Maybe throwing a brick in the air would.


9. And then there are times when an experiment seems to work but is not really there. You know what I mean?


So, these were few of my behind the scene bloopers. So what I am trying to say is that it takes 50 selfies to get one good one that would be Instagram worthy and the same goes for fashion blogging. I hope this little post gives you a better idea of what it really is like to be a fashion blogger and that you don’t have to be perfect all the time, you don’t need to have your shit together all the time. There are times when you can let go and be your true naked self.

Hope you liked this post. Leave comments if you do. They say encouragement from any source is like a drop of rain upon a parched desert. So…let it rain!! Lol. But seriously, I would love some rain.


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