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March 30, 2018 at 4:15 pm |

Palm Oil; we have heard the name often, but never paid a rat’s notice to it, have we? At least I haven’t, not before I attended the MPOC seminar anyway. Few days back, I was present at a an educational module and practical workshop by Malaysian Palm Oil Council at Guru Nanak Institute of Technology. This event was designed keeping in mind the current requirement at the hospitality industry.


What is Palm Oil?

Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil. It is derived from the reddish pulp of the fruit of the oil palms, especially the oil palms from Africa. Palm oil, like coconut oil, is a highly saturated vegetable fat. It is a very common ingredient in Southeast Asia, tropical belt of Africa and few parts of Brazil.


Advantages of Palm Oil


  • It is a great source of dietary energy
  • It is easily digested
  • Palm oil is cholesterol free and is rich in carotenoids
  • It is also rich in Vitamin E
  • Palm oil is readily available, inexpensive and neutral in flavour
  • Palm oil does not contain any harmful trans-fats
  • It is good for usage as a base oil, since it is tasteless


About MPOC

MPOC is a Council under the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities of Malaysia.  Its role is to promote the market expansion of Malaysian palm oil and its products by enhancing the image of palm oil and creating better acceptance of palm oil through awareness of various technological and economic advantages (techno-economic advantages) and environmental sustainability.


The Council has set up a network of ten offices all over the world, mainly in China (Shanghai), India (Mumbai), Pakistan (Lahore), Bangladesh (Dhaka), Middle East (Istanbul and Cairo), Europe (Brussels and Russia), Africa (Durban) and Americas (Washington DC) to support, promote and venture into new areas for the industry.


About MPOC event at GNIT

The MPOC event that was held at GNIT started off with Ms. Bhavna Shah, Country Representative of Malaysian Palm Oil Council for India and Sri Lanka, conducting the educational module and sharing her vast knowledge on Malaysian Palm Oil and their usage and benefits.

After the education module, there was an exciting practical workshop for all the Young Chefs of GNIT. A cooking competition was conducted by MPOC, where the students were given surprise ingredients and they had to cook a full course meal in Malaysian Palm Oil. Quite a challenge, right? But the students presented some really tasty and delicious food, displayed in a beautiful way.


Winners of the cooking competition by MPOC

The winners of the cooking competition were:

Winner  : Anjan Biswas
Runner up  : Titas Maity
Second Runner up : Subha Deb


Other categories winners

Best Presentation – Priyanka Saha & Anushree Saha
Best Starter – Sujoy Paul
Best Maincourse – Diljit Singh


Well-known chefs Chef Avijit Ray chef Riju Kumar Dey and Chef Mukul Sarkar were part of the judging process along with Ms. Bhavna Shah


The winners were felicitated with trophy and certificate of honour by Malaysian Palm Oil Council.

This is all about the event as of now.
and as for me, I am definitely going to switch to Palm Oil.
Will you?


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