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November 22, 2016 at 11:09 pm |

All of us have heard of Seattle, the birthplace of Starbucks and have seen bits and pieces of it through the famous movie ‘Sleepless in Seattle’. But, here is an insight about this place by none other than one of its own, Rita Fridman of Ritawanderlust.


About the Author

Rita is a professional wanderer and part-time blogger.  She created Rita Wanderlust in order to share her travel experiences and connect with other like-minded wanderers on levels she, otherwise, would not be able to reach.

Though, it’s a bit of a late start, better late than never.  The time has allowed her to accumulate experiences so that she can share them with the world.  You can just call her “lightly seasoned.”  she’s been travelling since she was a child but only recently realized how much of a passion she has for it. She knows so many people that would love to travel, but feel that they are not able to.  She wants those people to be able to live vicariously through her as much as possible.

Outside of traveling, which she would do 24/7/365 if she could, she has two adorable little dogs that she loves dearly. You can also find her hiking, reading, doing yoga, and watching TV obsessively.

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Without further ado, let’s see what this Seattle local has to say about her city.


Seattle from the eyes of Rita Fridman

If you are looking to get a “howdy stranger,” a welcoming smile, or even a nod of the head from someone you don’t know, Seattle might not be the best city for you.  You might have heard of a little thing called the “Seattle Freeze.”  If not, let me explain it to you: it basically means that Seattleites are not known for being the warmest of people.  They are much more likely to be found with their nose in a book or some kind of electronic device than engrossed in a conversation with someone.  Some of them might even get uncomfortable if you try to engage them in a tête-à-tête.  That being said, if you find the right crowd and the right place, you are in for a treat because the people CAN be a delight.  They can be witty, and smart, and surprising in many ways once you get past their spiky exterior.  With that said and with my upcoming ban from all things Seattle thanks to that intro, here is what we would do if you were my guest:


Pike Place Market: No trip to Seattle is complete without a stroll through the market. You can spend an entire day just browsing through everything from flowers to roasted nuts, to lavender soaps and used books.  It truly is an amazing place.  However, my favorite place at the market is Market Spice.  They sell loose leaf tea by the ounce and I go crazy for all of their flavors.  I’d suggest you eat something at the market which has a lot of options because we are skipping lunch because dinner will blow your mind.


The Space Needle: Yes, it’s a tourist trap. No, we won’t go there to eat because the food isn’t that good and the prices are ridiculous.  But a trip to the top is a must for any Seattle first-timer.  You get a 360-degree view of the city and it’s beautiful on a clear day (if you can find a clear day).  Another option is the Columbia tower, which is actually taller, but as I’ve never been I can’t speak to the views.  I can however attest to the fact that the Columbia Tower doesn’t spin…the Space Needle does.  While we’re at the Seattle Center we’ll buy our tickets for the laser show later that evening.

Taking a stroll through Seattle I’d make sure we swing by our signature Amazon balls. Yes, they are office buildings shaped like balls.  Officially they are called the domes, but they look like oversized golf balls to me.


By this point, you’d probably be getting pretty hungry and we’re having an early dinner so that we can fit in everything we have to do later that evening. So we are going to Marcela’s Creole Cookery.  This tiny little hole in the wall restaurant has some amazing food.  My favorite is their shrimp and grits and their bread pudding.  Service is kind of slow, but totally easy to overlook once the food finally arrives.



Next stop since we’re right in the neighborhood is the Underground Tour. They have a few different options for you.  I’ve done the regular underground tour where they tell you all about the city before.  I’ve also done the ghost tour if the supernatural is your shot of whiskey.  And then they have the underworld tour where they tell you the sordid history of Seattle.  Oh the debauchery…and they give you a drink at the end of that one.  Take your pick from the three but we’ll have to make sure to buy our tickets early.


Finally, since we bought our tickets when we were at the space needle, we are going to go check out the Laser Show. This is done at the Seattle Science Center.  They have a giant pitch-black dome where they give lectures and they project things onto the walls.  In our case, they project lasers to the rhythm of Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Tool, etc.  It’s pretty trippy and worth every penny.  My suggestion: go when you are just a little tipsy.

And after the show, we can swing by A Pizza Mart for a late night pizza snack and some strong drinks. Though this place is really nothing to write home about, the people are entertaining and the pizza is pretty good.


I really hope you find your way to Seattle and you try even a few of my suggestions.  Seattle is an amazing city with so much to see and do.  My suggestions aren’t even the tip of the iceberg.  They are more like an ice cube from the iceberg.  Come visit and see…make sure to bring some rain and wind gear.

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