Colour blocking Inspiration by Indian bloggers

June 10, 2018 at 3:51 pm |
What is colour blocking?

Colour blocking is when an outfit or a garment has finite blocks of colour on them. The outfit revolves around a palette of two or more colours.


Colour blocking history


Did you know that this dress from Yves St. Laurent is actually the beginning of colour blocking? This smart dress was debuted in the Yves St. Laurent fall/winter show in 1946, and safe to say that it was not readily accepted. It was seen more as a work of art rather than a wearable item.


The 60s and the 70s was undoubtedly the best time for colour blocking. That was the era of experimentation and expression. Most colour blocking then, was done by bright bold colours, both by men and women.


My take on colour blocking


Below is my take on colour blocking. I paired a lemon yellow dress with a bottle green jacket, a neon pink waist belt and burgundy stocking.
With me, is my very good friend, Lisha from thestylechefs who paired a royal blue skirt with an orange top and layered with an ochre shirt.


Colour blocking inspiration by Indian bloggers


Below are some of my personal favourite colour blocking done by Indian bloggers.

  1. Rupjyoti from Sherriied is one fearless blogger. She is not scared of mixing colours and prints and she does it like a pro.
    Look at her pairing this lime green and black dress with a neon pink slider!
    How cool is this!

  2. Sheena from Sheenasherwani looks super elegant and I love the muted colour blocking that she has attempted here. Colour blocking need not always be bright. You can go for analogous colour blocking as well, which means pairing the colour which are next to each other in the colour wheel.

  3. Swati from thearchattire is another bold and fearless blogger from Mumbai. I love people who embrace colour and she is definitely one among them. She went for an analogous colour blocking as well.

  4. Devyani from Breviloquent went for a muted analogous colour blocking. Personally, when colour blocking, I prefer three colours rather than two. Its just more fun. What do you think?

  5. Divya from thepowderpuffgal wows me not just with her fabulous styling, but also with her lack of inhibitions when it comes to fashion. She loves experimenting and that shows. I loved this retro take of hers in colour blocking. The colours look soothing, don’t they?

  6. The first thing that you would notice in Surbee from surbeesuri is her extraordinary hair, at least that’s what I did, given my obsession with hair colours. She went for the classic colour blocking combination of red and green. Her blue hair was just the cherry (or rather a blueberry) on top.

  7. Colour blocking doesn’t limit itself to western outfits. Swati from swatidixit28 shows us why. How super chic does she look in this yellow saree with blue blouse!

  8. Mandeep from bowandbarrette went for one of the most favourite colour combinations of Red, Black and White. How gorgeous is this dress!

  9. Airish from airish.barik is a blogger who exudes confidence. I love bright saturated hues when it comes to colour blocking and this combination is one of my favourites.

  10. Here comes one of my absolute favourite bloggers, Vinitha from beingnita. The way she carries herself in anything and everything is something to pay attention to. She went for a two tone colour blocking as well, and I love it!

  11. Aanchal from aanchalrai.1 went for a muted 4 tone colour blocking which is quite brave and who else can carry it off so effortlessly but her.

  12. This picture of Charuta from charuta_modayalda blew my mind off. Pink and red are analogous colours and I love love love the way she incorporated these colours in her outfit.

  13. Shivani from shivani.boruah looks supremely gorgeous in this mustard yellow saree and bright pink blouse. This is one colour combination I will definitely be trying out next.

  14. We all know Shereen from shereenlovebug, and this woman takes my breath away with her colourful pictures. I resonate with her colour palette choices so much! How ingenious is this pairing of neon pink shoes with different shades of green!

  15. Pallabi from pallabiguha went for the classic black and mustard combination and I love it!

  16. Neha from nehaparulkar went for a 3 tone colour blocking combination of mustard, navy blue and red. I loved the little pop of red, do you?

  17. Diksha from diksha04 is one of my favourite young bloggers. She embraces colour and black and white equally. Below is her take on colour blocking and I am nodding my head in approval.

    These are my favourite takes on colour blocking by Indian bloggers.

    Which is your favourite combination out of all the above?

    Leave a comment below on the comment box. 🙂

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