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June 24, 2015 at 5:34 am |
Dressing yourself is an art.

The skin tone is an often over-looked factor while deciding your next shirt purchase. Though, I believe that dressing yourself is an art and not a science which means there is no hard and fast rule regarding what colors you can wear and what you can’t. After all, experimenting spices up your life. So if a color catches your eye, try it on! But, if you don’t have much time on your hand while shopping, you can just follow a quick and simple guideline while choosing the color palette that best suits your skin tone.


Understand your skin tone.

For that the first thing that you would require is to understand your skin tone.
You will find many guides asking you to categorize your skin tone on the basis of seasons but finding out my skin tone is Winter didn’t help me even a little bit.


I would categorize skin tones in three basic categories:

1. Fair/Pale skin
2. Olive/Medium skin
3. Darker skin


1.Fair/Pale skin


Characteristics of people having this skin tone
-Red, blonde or light brown hair
-Can be freckled
-Gets burnt in the sun


Choose colors that contrast your skin tone. It will bring color to your complexion.


Colors to wear
Darker colors like-


debasrideb (12)


debasrideb (10)

Bottle Green

debasrideb (15)

Navy Blue

debasrideb (8)

..and bolder shades of blue

debasrideb (9)


Colors to avoid :


Avoid abundance of soft pastel shades like white, light beige and stone as they will wash you out.


2. Olive/Medium Skin


Characteristics of people having this skin tone
-Resilient to sun damage
-Will tan instead of getting burnt in sun


Colors to wear :


Nearly all the colors will suit this skin type but its better to wear colors darker or lighter than your skin tone.


What does that mean?

Like try bolder shade of Purple like Magenta

debasrideb (11)

rather than Mauve


For summer, I would recommend a white linen shirt with a stone pair of chinos(these I love, you must have guessed it by now ).

debasrideb (7)


Colors to avoid.
Avoid colors that are too close to your skin tone ’cause you don’t wanna look nude or washed out. You guys have yellow or green undertones. So avoid colors like



471869-798, ICON FLEECE - Pistachio Green


debasrideb (16)


debasrideb (4)

Mocha brown

debasrideb (3)




You guys can try out your hand at pretty much every color without much need for trepidation.


Colors to wear


You can pretty much wear anything and everything. The world is your oyster. You have the license to wear bold and bright colors but try to balance your outfit with a containing color to hold the look together.


You can wear darker shades like


Cobalt Blue

debasrideb (1)

Vermilion ( a shade of orange )

debasrideb (13)

or some lighter shades like


debasrideb (2)

Denim blue

debasrideb (5)


Colors to avoid


Brown is pretty much a no-no. Like lighter shades washes out pale skin, brown will result into your look ‘bleeding’ into your skin.

debasrideb (6)


Hope this was informative.

Hope you all liked the post.

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