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Home Alone: The Quarantined Edition

Quarantine. Self-isolation. Lockdown.   Few words that we knew the meaning of but never gave much consideration…until now.   My lockdown life has been good. I haven’t been depressed or anxious (barring a day or two), and a major section of the credit goes to my best friend/anime character husband.   I have been waking… Read More

How to include scarves in your outfit – Part I

Hey you beautiful strong people, let me start off by saying how proud I am of you all. Life has been hard, hasn’t it? And you all are doing such a great job of being positive, being encouraging, being helpful…   I get so many messages every day from you all and I know how… Read More

The Afghan Folklore

Afghanistan art and culture What is the image that comes to your mind when I talk about Afghanistan? I will tell you what I think of. My mind conjures images of the war, the burka-shrouded women, the Taliban and inhospitable environment among many things else. Afghanistan is a post-conflict and emerging country which was once… Read More

Pre-owned Fashion. Yay or nay? (Fashion Garage Sale )

  I recently was a part of a Fashion Garage Sale, which got me thinking about the concept of pre-owned fashion.     Is ‘pre-owned fashion’ a taboo? Pre-owned fashion is not a taboo anymore in India, though it has still not been accepted with open arms as in the western countries. With changing times… Read More

3 unconventional ways to wear a saree.

With the wedding season upon us and so many of our best friends, friends, and acquaintances tying the knot, I could not imagine a better time to write this post. Indian traditional weddings are full of splendour, colour, and a lot of jazz and blitz. Though a fun time, it takes a toll on us… Read More

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