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We have fought battles

In this digital age, it is so easy to find yourself lost in other people’s lives. It is so easy to fall apart seeing someone else come together. It is so easy to look down on yourself through someone else’s eyes. It is so easy to find yourself all alone in this sea of pretentious… Read More

AS IF A(nyone cares)

Words fail her when she thinks of that night you would be horrified too if you had to witness that sight.   Mama taught her to always be careful Little did she know Standing in the corner she was making him drool.   Little girls are taught to stay away from strangers how was she… Read More

I spy with my little eyes…something RED.

A question for every woman reading this. Have you ever taken a longer route to reach somewhere just cause it was safer? Have you ever made a fake phone call when in trouble? Have you ever thought twice before wearing something that shows too much skin? Have you ever kept looking over your shoulder just… Read More

Be your naked self.

Let me start off with a story here. Friendships make for a very important segment of our life. And when you are young, that is all that matters. It was the same for this little girl as well, let us call her Debby. Debby was in 5th grade and so was Pia. They were inseparable…. Read More

Feminism is for everybody. Tits or no tits.

Its kind of a late post but this International Women’s Day, I wanted to touch a topic that I have always cautiously avoided : Feminism. Every year, on this very day, 8th of March, I ask myself a question I am still waiting to get an answer to, “Why is women’s day more hyped than… Read More

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