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8 Upcoming trends for men’s fashion 2017

Men’s fashion has come a long way. From plain jeans, tee and sneakers to bow-ties, chinos and neckerchiefs. There is no harm in staying ahead of the pack by being aware of the latest fashion trends. A fellow blogger, Sean Frederick will guide you through a few upcoming men’s fashion trends for 2017.   About… Read More

Winter Fashion for Men | Guest Blog

After visiting Italy last February, I grasped the definite and concrete meaning of ‘Winter fashion’. Roads in Italy look no less than a runway during winters. Fashion in India has a long way to go but slowly and surely it is creeping up and trying to come at par with the West. This post is… Read More

Top 6 men’s looks that make us swoon!

Fashion is such an integral part of people’s lives these days. Nobody is exempted from it. Everybody makes an effort to look good. Some people do it for their own self and others, for others. Their are some who make certain sartorial choices for approval either from a prospective date or from peers. Times like… Read More

5 Must Have Men’s Shoes

I love fashion. Well, that goes without saying. I feel fashion is a good way to express your mood. And I am definitely a shoe lover. Marilyn Monroe very rightly said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. But right now I am not here to talk about us women…. Read More

The Man-bag.

One of my friends got a job recently and I wanted to give something to him. So, I started searching and came across this classy messenger bag, also called the man-bag, from River Island. It was love at first sight. There is a very wrong notion that messenger bags/sling bags are just for women. I… Read More

Colors for your skin tone | For Men

Dressing yourself is an art. The skin tone is an often over-looked factor while deciding your next shirt purchase. Though, I believe that dressing yourself is an art and not a science which means there is no hard and fast rule regarding what colors you can wear and what you can’t. After all, experimenting spices… Read More

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