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Kolkata’s first ever Fashion Walk

It is clear as day that the blogging industry in Kolkata is booming and though we might not be at par with other cities, I can say this with pleasure and confidence that we are pretty darn close. The attribute for this goes to bloggers like Pentwister and brands like Tribonista who are coming up… Read More

Textile Care with The Swiss Laundry

  Clothes are an integral part of our lives. Well, that goes without saying as it is one of our basic needs apart from food and shelter. Whether a person is into fashion or not, his/her clothes will always be dear to them, is it not? Since childhood, buying new clothes have been an exhileration… Read More

10 life and style lessons from Carrie Bradshaw

Sex and the city has been much loved by all the fashionistas all over the world. If there is one woman, who has taught us enormous lessons about life, relationships, friendships and fashion with a lot of wit mixed in it, it is the ever fabulous Carrie Bradshaw.   I relate to this protagonist as… Read More

Be your naked self.

Let me start off with a story here. Friendships make for a very important segment of our life. And when you are young, that is all that matters. It was the same for this little girl as well, let us call her Debby. Debby was in 5th grade and so was Pia. They were inseparable…. Read More

Fashion blogging bloopers : Perfect is boring

Perfect is boring. Haven’t we heard that enough? You want my opinion? I think perfect is exhausting. And that is what we fashion bloggers are expected to be. Perfect outfit, perfect hair, perfect shoes, perfect makeup and a perfect attitude to go with all of this. To be very honest, I get exhausted. There are… Read More

VLCC to the rescue!

Last month I had an opportunity to attend a blogger’s meet at the VLCC wellness centre here in Kasba, Kolkata. Blogger meets are always fun. You get to see many known faces and several unknown ones. Life of a blogger is interesting, I will drink to that. But more than that, it’s a lot of… Read More

Fashion Blogging myths – Are they true?

  There are numerous myths floating around when it comes to fashion blogging and fashion bloggers. Few love them, few judge them and the rest don’t know them. Constructive criticism is refreshing, hence valued; false judgement is not. I have addressed 5 of the most common myths about fashion blogging.   1.Fashion blogging. Hobby or… Read More

7 Weird tricks to look great in portrait shots

Blogging and the role it plays in my life. Our life is a never ending learning expedition. Everyday we learn something new. Blogging for me started as a way to pen down my thoughts, interests, what ticked for me, what turned me off and what makes me what I am, right now, as a person…. Read More

Eyewear to suit your face shape

Online shopping for lazy bums.   E-commerce shopping websites and apps have made it so hassle-free for us to get fashion at our doorstep without having to move our butts except to open the door when the delivery boy rings the bell. But one thing that is still a discomfort to order online is an… Read More

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