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March 15, 2018 at 7:10 pm |
African turban history

Though turbans/head-wraps for women have originated in the sub-Saharan Africa, their tradition has slowly been creeping up to us. The history of African head-wrap is pretty vast. They are one of the oldest accessories for the African American women and still holds a significant importance in their culture. Back then, along with enhancing a woman’s beauty, the turbans were also worn to let everyone know about a woman’s age, wealth and marital status.


I have always been fascinated with head-wraps and when I learnt their history, I was intrigued and thought of different ways of fashionably incorporating this beautiful accessory in our daily lives.

I created three looks for you.


  1. With Jeans

    Turbans with denims are my favourite way of styling them. I went for a badass-cum-chic look. I styled the turban like the African American women do. It took me a good 5 minutes to get it right.


2. With kurti

Turbans are a versatile accessory. They can be worn with absolutely everything. For my second look, I wore a turban with a kurti and leggings. Went for an unusual, yet ready-to-wear look by replacing heels with boots.


3. With long skirts

For African American women, turbans were meant to cover all their hair, but for this look I did something that we Indians are more comfortable with. Its a simple head wrap that gives a little ‘something extra’ to your look.


Turban facts: When African women came to U.S, unfortunately, their head wrap was seen as a sign of poverty and enslavement. But, with time, the African American women started fighting for their freedom and rights, and now their traditional scarf is a symbol of Afrocentric celebration and pride.


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