About debasrideb.com

Ever looked at your closet full of clothes and thought “I never have anything to wear”?
Ever worried about not having a typical stereotype figure?
Ever been body shamed?
If yes, then you are just one among many.

We are used to following certain guidelines in life. Be it related to work, fashion, or the understanding of what’s ‘beautiful’ and ‘acceptable’.

This website is all about taking a detour through those rules. Its about having your own definition of what’s stereotype.

Debasri started this blog on 2015 as a way of creatively expressing her thoughts, to tell stories and to help people find inspiration here.

About Debasri Deb

Born in Kolkata, brought up in Gujarat, she experienced the best of both worlds. A confused soul since childhood, the only thing she is sure of is her passion and her undying love for this blog.  A lousy Science student and a crappy engineer, Debasri finally discovered what she was good at, and that was Marketing. After a short two year stint in the corporate world, working for start-ups, she wished to do something of her own. And hence, the blog.

She is petite and pear shaped. After spending her initial years being body-shamed,a target of name callings, and trying to blend in with the crowd, she now considers herself a Ninja raising her voice against any sort of discrimination and bullying.

Work with Debasri Deb

Cause why not? Some people say she is quite good. 🙂 She likes working with brands she genuinely believes in and tries to do as much justice to them as possible. Shoot her an email on deb.debasri2@gmail.com

Get in touch

We grow more by learning from each other. Do get in touch with Debasri Deb either through social media or send her an email. She would love to hear from you and get to know your stories. Let us embark on this journey together. 🙂


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Show me some love. I won't flood your mailbox. I promise! :)