9 quirky ways to re-decorate your house

February 12, 2018 at 8:55 pm |

How do I differentiate my house and make it look edgy and interesting?
A question every household owner is faced with, either while setting up their newly bought house or someone trying to bring about a change in their already existing residence.


Bloom Co is one such Kolkata-based brand which focuses on unique and trendy pieces for your home.


Each of these pieces are handpicked by Suchi Ganeriwala, the owner of Bloom Co herself. She travels all over the world to get her hands on these pieces, maintaining her vision for exclusivity.


I bring here, a concise list of 9 quirky and unusual ways to spruce up your loving abode:

  1. Replace bean bags and uncomfortable chairs with quirky seating spaces

  2. Ditch the usual lamp shades and bring in some dramatic and exciting ones

  3. Just take a look at these amusing teapots. You definitely wouldn’t want to go back to the regular ones.

  4. Ashtrays are not always supposed to be dull and uninteresting. Look at this fancy ashtray. You wouldn’t want to dirty it, would you? Maybe having something like this as an ashtray will help you get over your smoking habits!
    No? Well, worth a try.

  5. Inspirational wall hangings are the way to go.

  6. Get some statement show-pieces for your corners. They are a good way to get people hooked.

  7. Decorative crockery is every household owner’s dream. Bloom Co has some really beautiful crockery and kitchen appliances.

  8. I aim to have a bar at my own house. I am sure most of you do have one. Check these super useful and interesting and somewhat kinky bar appliances and accessories.

  9. Wall clocks are a necessity for the living room. But nobody said they have to be boring. Check out these really cool clocks.

    All of the above pieces are available at Bloom Co. You open the gate to step inside and see this beautiful pathway leading to a white coloured European styled door. Open the door and walk into the land of fantasy.

    Bloom Co is a Kolkata based brand situated at 42, Ritchie Road.

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