8 Upcoming trends for men’s fashion 2017

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Men’s fashion has come a long way. From plain jeans, tee and sneakers to bow-ties, chinos and neckerchiefs. There is no harm in staying ahead of the pack by being aware of the latest fashion trends. A fellow blogger, Sean Frederick will guide you through a few upcoming men’s fashion trends for 2017.


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8 Upcoming trends for men’s fashion 2017 by Sean Frederick


So as for fashion enthusiasts it’s always great to be on top of the latest trends and stay ahead of the crowd. That would be like ‘Hey! Did you pick up those sweet bombers that are trending?’ And you can fire them up saying; ‘you mean the bombers that I was swearing in last season?’ ;). One thing is for sure that whatever is coming ahead, there is no surefire way to do it. But trust me, if you keep your eyes open, if you study the runways of fashion houses, the street style of all the fashion events like Milan and Euro fashion week and of course the major upcoming movies, you can pretty much guess with good certainty what’s going to be trending next season.


So what I’m going to be sharing with you today is a quite honest review on 8 fashion trends for men in 2017. Or you can say the piece of clothing that is going to be trending in upcoming season.




So, the first trend that is going to dominate 2017 is puffed jacket. Of course bombers were crazy trending in 2016 and I’m pretty sure they’re going to carry over in 2017 as well. But! The jacket that was seen very often on runways from fashion houses like Raf Simmons, were puffed quilted jackets. You can pretty much be rest assured that fast fashion stores like Zara and H&M , are pretty much going to be implementing these designs in the spring summer releases coming up.





Specially for spring was a lot of design, anything from window paint to prints of whales. Squares were dominating a lot of the designs of major fashion houses like Paul Smith, Bottega Veneta and Valentino and again this is in my opinion, a good trend to pick up and why not! Since cherub design is something that is classic and will carry on until next season.





The next trend that will definitely dominate this year is fur. Fashion houses like Fendi, Dolce Gabbana and Burberry were putting on a lot of coats featuring furs. Flat bomber jackets have fur on them which proves fur jackets are going to be dominating this season. But it’s very much a statement piece. If you don’t feel comfortable flaunting fur, then you can probably skip it.





The next addition in our list is a lot of military hiking and outdoor inspired aesthetics and clothing and you can already see it in a lot of stores today. Nike released some military inspired clothing. There also have been outdoor inspired fuel jackets by Zara and H&M. So this is a trend that is going to be coming strong in 2017. Something that was highly admired was field jacket as the next big pick for spring.





The next trend is 90’s athletic wear and this is basically just athleisure evolving and becoming more popular. So athleisure is definitely going to stay longer in 2017 but with a 90’s twist. You can definitely be seeing a lot of track suits becoming popular in 2017. Fashion houses like Anderson, MSG and Burberry have been coming up with that nature of clothing.





The next trend that can be seen from Acne Studios and A.P.C was a lot of baseball caps and dad hats. This trend was mostly seen in late 2016 and it’s going to carry forward in 2017. This piece of clothing is just a cheap, casual and comfy addition to compliment a man’s overall outfit.





Rainwear is our next pick in men’s fashion trends 2017 and you can see overcoats of different styles including rain jackets making their way inside fashion outlets. And it is a good pickup for monsoon, and not just this season but you’re going to be using this is next and the season coming after. And again we’ve already seeing it in Zara 2017 drop and H&M and I think rain jacket will be a center of attention this year.





Windbreakers kind of have like a 80’s and 90’s feel to them. Definitely not an essential, so you can skip it if you want. But, if you have few extra bucks and willing to spend then this piece of clothing will be worth having this season.



Hope you liked Sean’s take on the upcoming men’s fashion for 2017. And if there is something that you guys would like to add on this list, do comment below and let me know.


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