7 places to have remarkably appetising food in Goa

January 30, 2018 at 6:16 pm |

Close your eyes and think of Goa.
What are the three things that comes to your mind?

For me, its beach, beer and food.

Food is an integral part of everyone’s life, and why should it not be, its a basic necessity, but for me, food is a major comfort.
I tend to eat when I am upset, I celebrate my success by having good food, food brings my temper back to normal. No, my stomach is not a bottomless pit, and neither am I a glutton, I just enjoy tasting various kinds of food.

For me, my last Goa trip was a trip to remember. In fact all of my Goa trips are worth remembering, for various intriguing reason, but we won’t go there. 😉
Here, I have mentioned a few restaurants, places and food, in Goa, which I would highly recommend visiting and having, to anyone who is a foodie through and through.


  1. Antares (good view and good food in Goa)

    Antares is this beautiful restaurant with a tropical vibe on the hill top at Vagator started by a MasterChef Australia  participant, Sarah Todd. You may want to have good food, with a good view and just relax for sometime without getting perturbed by anything or anybody. This restaurant is perfect for that.

For starters we ordered Chilli barbeque prawns with crisp onion, paprika myonnaise, lemon and pickled cucumber, and Glazed bbq pork ribs with cucumber raita, spicy slaw, gherkins and fresh lemon.

Since we were pretty full by then, thanks to endless amount of beer, for mains, we decided to try the Crispy skin snapper with fresh veggies and a side of fries.


2. St. Anthony’s (interesting ambiance)

Where: Baga
Distance from the beach: It is on the beach itself
Landmark: Right next to Brittos
Ambience: They have a good DJ. I love the Karaoke nights. Its fun and entertaining. You have the option of sitting inside on comfortable cane chairs or you might as well go for a romantic atmosphere and have a candlelit dinner right on the beach itself with just the sound of waves interrupting your conversations.

They offer fresh seafood here. They bring a tray of sea fishes, like Pomfret, Squid, Prawns, Snapper, Lobster and Mackarel.

We tried the Pomfret, fried with Indian masala. It was spicy, flavoursome, and now my mouth is watering while writing this.


3. Breakfast at beach-side (a must-do when in Goa)

One morning, we decided to hit the beach and have a happy and happening breakfast. We took out our scooty and went to Candolim. You get beds for INR 200 each. Once settled, we ordered their English breakfast, a plate of fresh fruits, a cup of coffee and beer (how can we not, right?). The English breakfast consisted of toast, eggs sunny side up, pan fried mushrooms, baked beans, salsa, fries, bacon and sausages (I don’t remember whether they were pork or chicken since I really didn’t care, I was in a different zone altogether).

I would also recommend the masala squid at Vagator. Its quite zesty. But that’s why we have beer.


4. Brittos (one of the best places to have delicious seafood in goa)

This name had to come up, right? Brittos is at Baga, right adjacent to St. Anthony’s. Every single dish tastes like heaven at Brittos. But I would like to mention a particular dish that immediately got added to the list of my favourite comfort foods. And that was the Goan fish curry. This dish consisted of steam rice, fish curry, papad and a fish fillet. Oh yum! Yum in my tum. Finger licking good. Tantalizing. Lip smacking. I should stop.

Don’t forget to have a go at their desserts. Hands down the best I have had till date. And I have tried all that they have to offer. Don’t judge. I love food.

5. Thalassa (remarkable sunset view)

Where: Vagator hill top
How to go: Take a scooty, the ride is fun. Or hire a car.
Go to this restaurant for its magnificent sunset view. You need to book a table in advance. The best seats are nearly always reserved. They have really good wine selection from different countries. I tried the Australian Jacob’s Creek, Harsh had Sangria (he is boring!). I am going to get an earful for this. Ha!

Anyway, for food, go for anything with seafood. We were in a detoxification mode and so we went for the watermelon, feta cheese and mint salad. It was enough for us both and surprisingly quite filling.


6. The Fisherman’s Wharf (my favourite place to have food in Goa)

There are two outlets of The Fisherman’s Wharf in Goa, one at Panaji and the other at Cavelossim. We went to the Panaji one. This was one of my favourite places, the reason being their mind boggling seafood soup. I had a burst of flavours in my mouth with the first mouthful. It was chumneshwari (I am sorry, but it was!).


7. Curlies (trippy music and good prawns)

Have you ever had Butter Garlic Prawns? I am sure you have. Even I did. But what I devoured in Goa, was out of this world. So, they have fresh seafood on the beach from where you can select your favourite and they will then barbeque it in your chosen sauce in front of you. We ordered prawns in butter garlic sauce. A plate of 10 prawns was for INR 1000. The picture doesn’t do this food justice, do make sure to go to Curlies and have this dish.


These are my top seven places in Goa to enjoy some really good food. Which places do you love the best? I would love to know.


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