7 Best Home Decorating Ideas In Budget

July 5, 2018 at 10:47 pm |
DIY home decorating ideas

Cheap DIY home decor ideas have always been the talk of the town. Whether you go for mid-sized DIY canvas art or an oversized picture frame on your empty wall, these small settings will surely grab the attention of your guests in addition to setting the right tone to a small space. There are numerous inexpensive home decorating ideas available online but I’ve decided to bring you the ones that always stay in fashion.


No need to rush into all these DIY crafts in a single day, best you can do is tackle each of them in one single day. So without further ado, go ahead and check out some creative and easy home decoration ideas that are surely going to fit your budget.

  1. DIY canvas painting

    Among the best and cheap home décor ideas is the DIY canvas paintings. They are inexpensive to make and require no expertise to craft a breathtaking art piece for your wall. You can easily create one for your bedroom or dining room or hallway wall. All you have to do is buy a simple canvas and apply a basic color to get an even surface. Then cut shapes in various patterns and start pasting them to create a symmetrical design you have in mind. Once you are done with making a canvas of your desire, hang it at your favorite corner of the house and let your walls speak out loud.


  2. Summer wreath

    Hanging wreath on the front door of your house is a tradition that many have followed for years. These DIY wreaths are ideal for recreating ornaments for your summer decorating needs. Create an oversized wreath from a hula hoop and wrap it up with twine and flowers. You can also surround your wreath with led strip lights to brighten up your wall space.


  3. Wood candle holders

    Instead of spending money on buying expensive candles from the store, go for handmade alternatives. Select the wood that you want for your candle holder and give it a size of your liking as well. According to your preference, you can have varying sizes of wood blocks. Next, cut a small piece in the center of the wood block and place a tea-light candle. Light each candle and give your room a rustic feel.

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  4. Holiday Shakers

    Take transparent salt shakers, and fill them with salt. Then place mini toys such as animals, cars or any decorative piece that will blend with the accent of space. Place these tiny decorations to your dining table or wall shelves to add the warm feel to your dining or living room settings, You can do similar arrangements with other transparent bottles of spices.


  5. Mini frame ornaments

    Take scraps of wrapping paper and tuck them inside tiny frames. Tie a ribbon or thread to the frame and hang them on empty wall space.  This is yet another colourful and less time-consuming trick to add a vibrant feel to your empty wall space when placed in your dining room or any other house setting.


  6. Pinecone crafts

    Pinecone crafts are yet another addition to DIY Home décor ornaments. All you have to do is either buy pinecone from the market or gather a few from your garden if you have a pinecone tree in your surroundings. Best you can do is transform them into cute custom animals by pasting colourful stickers. They just look absolutely beautiful, don’t they!


  7. Jar of bulbs

    Being creative with your ornaments is always a treat for your guests. Collect small light colorful light bulbs and place them in a jar. Sprinkle the top of the jar with artificial glitter.  Smaller additions like these will add a welcoming feel for not only your family members but also the guests sitting in your dining area.


Hope you liked this quick and budget-friendly DIY tricks to decorate your house.
Which ones of the above caught your attention?
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