5 gorgeous ways to use plants as house decor

March 29, 2018 at 12:33 am |

I am absolutely obsessed with plants being used as house decors. They can make a space feel gorgeous, lively and bright with just their presence. Few days back I paid a visit to a new decor store called The Finishing Touch, and got to know of a few neat ways to decorate your home with plants and mix up that ol’ flowers-in-a-vase concept.


Use pot plants

These days you get variety of pots, that come in different shapes, sizes and colours. They are an easy way to brighten up a space. I love these pot plants from The Finishing Touch.


Quirky pots

These are super adorable. They would be perfect as the centre piece on a dining table or on a desk.


    Wall hanging plants

These are quite a rage these days. Have a boring wall at your home and no idea what to do with it?
A wall hanging plant is your go-to.
Trust me, they look beautiful. See for yourself.


Garden accessories

If you are lucky enough to have a garden at your place, I would suggest decorating it with these garden accessories.
Your garden will come to life (not literally) with them.


Artificial plants

Not many of us want the hassle of taking care of plants. For people who would like to decorate their space with plants but don’t feel like putting an additional effort of taking care of them, artificial plants are the way to go.
They look as good as real plants, if not better.


I hope you are as intrigued after seeing these cutesy decor items as I was.
And if you are looking to get your hands on any of the above items, you can contact The Finishing Touch. This brand is run by an extremely passionate woman named Neha.

Not only plant decor, they have other home decor items as well.


My advice: Go visit their store to explore more. Their store is an explosion of gorgeous plants and home decor items.

Address: The Finishing Touch
FE-29, Sector-3, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700016
Email: thefinishingtouchkolkata@gmail.com

Contact: 9804168324 / 9038070123


Are you planning on re-decorating your house, here are a few quirky ways mentioned. Give it a read, who knows, you might come on to something interesting.


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