5 Durga Puja Outfit Ideas

September 16, 2018 at 10:56 am |

Durga Puja is right around the corner and the nostalgia has already started hitting me.
At intervals.
I have never liked Kolkata Durga Pujo. I know most of you would be raising your eyebrows in utter surprise and some of you might be shocked even, but I have not been brought up in this city.


I was brought up in Gujarat where there was a small but a super closed knit Bengali community and Pujo for me meant going to the same Community Centre everyday, meeting the same people, having the time of my life eating good food, gossiping, crushing on the very limited number of boys, dressing up in new clothes twice a day, taking part in cultural programs and just having fun in general. I never understood the concept of hopping from pandal to pandal in the heat and being pushed and shoved by random sweaty strangers.


But what I do love about Durga Puja irrespective of where I stay is an opportunity to get decked up. Oh the joy of wearing new clothes is unparalleled, isn’t it?


So I have come up with a few looks you can try out this Durga Puja.


  1. The ever patent and indispensable saree and crop top

    I don’t remember one Durga Puja where I haven’t worn a saree, guaranteed it was for the cultural programs that I always made sure I am a part of, but irrespective of that, saree is a requisite for us Bongs, is it not?

    Saree with a beautiful crop top is the best way to give an edge to your outfit.

    Buy this mustard brocade self-tie crop top from here.


2. A comfortable anti-fit dress

Since pandal hopping is such a rage in Kolkata, anti-fit dresses are your best bet. They are super airy, comfortable and will let you breathe and walk without any hassle.

You can get your hands on vibrant anti-fit dresses like this one here.


3. A long sleeveless cape

Capes are the best way to layer up. If you are looking for a more decked up look, layer your outfit with a sleeveless long cape.

I have layered the above anti-fit dress with a contrasting silk cape.

Get this long sleeveless silk cape from here.


4. Jeans and an oversized tee

For those who are more comfortable in jeans, wear it with a fancy oversized shirt. Opt for sneakers in case of pandal hopping, otherwise heels would look absolutely fantastic!

Get your hands on this oversized shirt here.


5. Skirt and a crop top

You know my love for skirts very well. An ethnic skirt and top are one of my favourite festive outfits.

Buy this gorgeous ethnic skirt from Untouched.


Untouched is coming up with a Durga Puja sale from 19th September to 24th September.
Get upto 40% off on all apparels.
Click here to start shopping.


These are few of my personal favourite looks for Durga Puja.
Let me know in the comments, what is your most liked Durga Puja outfit.


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