1 dress, 6 ways.

July 15, 2018 at 1:06 pm |

Anti-fit dresses are all the rage these days. And why wouldn’t they be; they are oh so versatile!
Having your own startup means a lot of investment, which results in having little to no money most of the time.


My closet has nearly been the same for the past two years, with minor addition during birthdays. These days, I prefer making my own clothes. It’s economic and self-satisfying.


A few days back, I made this anti-fit dress for myself, especially cause I knew I would be able to style it in various ways. And so I did.



  1. With an oversized shirt

    Oversized shirts are my favourites. Comfort is of extreme importance to me while dressing, and oversized shirts work wonders in that area. Pair your anti-fit dress with an oversized shirt and boots or sneakers for a cool day-out look.

  2. Belt it up

    I love belting up clothes. They cinch my wait and give a good shape.

  3. Wear it as a skirt

    You can wear the dress as a skirt. Just add a top or a shirt over it and belt it up. And voila!

  4. With ripped jeans

    Wear your dress with ripped jeans and a pair of moccasins. I love this pairing cause it’s super chic and perfect for a shopping day out, considering the amount of walking we women do.

  5. With cigarette pants

    Cotton cigarette pants are a must-have during summer. Wear the dress with contrasting cigarette pants and complete the look with a chic pair of heels.

  6. Layer and colour block

    I am sure you all know how much I love colours and how much I love to color-block. With solid colours, colour-blocking comes easy. Layer your outfit with a contrasting jacket for a super fun and visually appealing look.

    These are the few ways I like to style my dress.

    Which look are you most likely to try out?
    Let me know in the comment box below. 🙂



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